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Advance Generation The hallmark of sprite-based Pokémon gaming, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald set you off on an adventure in the watery Hoenn region with tons of diverse Pokémon to discover. Fans of Kanto can reexplore their favorite region in FireRed and LeafGreen. Here you'll find other fans who enjoy talking about the Pokémon, strategy, and techniques to master this generation.

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Old December 28th, 2014 (04:42 PM).
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Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres. The 3 Legendary Birds of the Kanto Region, the first Legendary trio. Did you guys catch all three of these Pokemon, one or two, or not at all? Why? Also, which of these birds are your favourite? Do you think this trio is still/will always be the best trio?
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Old December 28th, 2014 (05:21 PM).
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I didnt catch a single one.
I would just ditch to the PC and have no use of them. On the other hand, love having them in the wild, imagining they are flying around as they would in real life. I go back to old games every now and then so it's pretty cool to go back to their places and see them chill like it's no one's business lol.

Articuno is my favorite cos it looks so calm yet could kick everyone's ass if he wanted. Zapdos looks like a best. Moltres is pretty cool, but it gets the third place :D

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Old December 30th, 2014 (08:35 AM).
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In Emerald I only caught Zapdos but in Fire Red I caught them all I believe, I went after Zapdos first , because it is my favourite one out of the three,then proceeded to catch Moltres and finally Articuno.

In my Fire Red game, I remember nicknaming my Zapdos 'Katniss' and when I went to the elite four again with all three legendary birds in my party, it single-handedly won most matches but what I distinctly remember was 'Ice' (Articuno) surprising me and beating Lance's Dragonite with one blizzard despite the level gap and poor accuracy of that move.
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Old January 1st, 2015 (09:25 AM).
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I loved them theyre most likely my fav trio plus theyre made out as extremely poweful they actually do seem to be one of the most poweful trios! My fav is articuno as articuno will always be one of my favorite pokemon! Behind that Zapdos because i love how it creates thunderstorms everywhere! Plus i like its design and spiked wings!
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Old January 5th, 2015 (09:08 AM).
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For some reason, Articuno in my opinion, was the most useful of the birds to catch especially if one was aiming for his/her first victory against the E4 and Champ. It already has Ice Beam with it (a move really native to its type) that was handy against Lance's team (especially his Dragonite).

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Old January 5th, 2015 (01:14 PM).
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Articuno was my first capture on Leaf Green. Believe it or not, it was my first time playing through LG, and caught it with a single Pokeball on the first turn. I was bewildered. The only reason I threw a normal Ball at it was because I had forgotten to bring Ultra Balls, and Articuno's stage/dungeon was a pain to navigate.

Second, I caught Zapdos with moderate difficulty. Eventually had to whittle his HP down to orange, and caught him with around 15 Ultra Balls.

Finally, Moltres. WHAT AN ANNOYANCE! This one was the hardest to capture, IMO, because his capture rate must be higher or something. Either that, or Moltres just plain hated me. Took around 30 Ultra Balls and several Hyper Potions.

It wasn't until I had them in the PC Box together that I noticed their name suffixes are Spanish for One, Two, and Three. :p

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Old January 6th, 2015 (06:41 PM).
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I always catch all three. I love them. I usually go get Articuno first, because he's my favorite of the three. Then I get Zapdos. I always get Moltres last for some reason, haha. This trio isn't my favorite, the Regi trio is. But these three birds are definitely awesome!
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Old January 8th, 2015 (04:14 AM).
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I've capture all three at one point, if I remember correctly.

Toughest to catch would likely have to be Articuno; it was rather difficult to get through Seafoam Island, first and foremost, as there seemed to have been a lot more wild Pokémon than usual, and on top of this, Articuno's capture rate seemed to be pretty low when I had encountered. I've made sure to get its health down, paralyze, and so forth, but none of that helped; somehow, it still managed to break away from any ball I threw.

As far as favorites go, I'd say it's Zapdos. Its design seems to suit the Pokémon very well; it's got spiky feathers and a pair of vicious-looking eyes, which does complement its battling capabilities. When it comes to that, its attacks generally seem to be rather powerful, and it also has enough bulk in its tank to withstand a good amount of hits.
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Old January 8th, 2015 (09:48 AM).
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Oh yes, I just remember how I caught them. Zapdos is the easiest one to catch, But It's the best one at the same time. Good types, Decent bulk and powerfull attacks.
About Articuno and Moltres, They're ok. But Zapdos is the best. Articuno saved me on the Pokemon league thought, I can't forget about that. And, I wasted my master ball on it because I didn't had more balls.
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Old January 8th, 2015 (12:24 PM).
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I don't think I've captured all three in one game, to be honest. A catch rate of 3 was kinda ridiculous, so sometimes I didn't even bother.

The one I like the most is Articuno, so I always tried my best to catch it. <3 And it's the hardest one to navigate to, if I'm correct. Zapdos just requires a little searching in the Power Plant and Moltres just requires you to head up Mt. Ember. While Articuno actually required you to explore the whole island, instead of just heading on a straight path. It gives it that special feeling, you know? That you've got a Pokémon that's really difficult to catch and get to! :)

I like Articuno the most because it looks the most reserved, I guess. It also has a long, blue tail, which is awesomesauce and it's got a puff of fur on it's belly which is snowy-blue. Cute! <3

I do like the other's designs too! Zapdos looking vicious and all, while Moltres looking... concentrated? I don't even know. xD
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Old January 8th, 2015 (01:36 PM).
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I know I've caught them all, but I don't think I have ever caught all three in one game.

Honestly I like them all, but I like Zapdos the best. I'd be great to see them come out with another electric bird that's not a legendary because I really enjoy the typing... but I want it to be a bird before anyone says emolga.

Hmm idk if they're my favorite trio, but I think along with the legendary beasts they're the most mythical looking and unique enough in their own way without looking all the same.
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Old January 8th, 2015 (03:16 PM).
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I really like the Legendary Birds. I started Pokemon the week it his the states, and so the first gen is completely ingrained in me. I remember almost everything about those games to this day.
The legendary birds were breathtaking in the first gen. Since then they always seem to be the weaker legendaries, but this never really bothered me as the only legendary I really love is Mew.
I think while I like Articuno's design the most, the only one I would really use was Zapdos, as I love Charizard, Arcanine, Vulpix as well as Dewgong and Cloister, but there are no electric pokemon that I really enjoy, even through X and Y.
Moltres just flat-out never appealed to me. I think I always felt it looked too much like a rubber chicken.
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Old January 9th, 2015 (01:15 PM).
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I loved how Articuno looked. So that was the only one I really bothered to catch. Even after I went through all the trouble of catching it, I would just put it in my pc. xD Didn't like using legendaries on my team.
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Old January 10th, 2015 (04:27 PM).
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I remember that I catched the 3 of them on my first game, Yellow Version, but I know that I didn't use them very much. I liked, and like, this trio, but not enough to use them. I guess my favourite is Zapdos, because I love thunder moves. Articuno is in my second podium place, and Moltres in the last.
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Old January 18th, 2015 (10:09 AM).
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I have caught them before, but never used them in any real playthroughs. I like them all but i'll take Zapdos and Moltres as my two favorites of them. And they moved Moltres to Mt. Ember, which fits its nature so I can say I liked that.
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Old January 18th, 2015 (10:10 AM).
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I think they could be useful if you train them a bit in the elite four, but other than that... I remember the struggling of catching them. Saving and trying with 9 million ultra balls. I can't choose which one I'd go with, but Zapdos is amazing!
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Old January 19th, 2015 (08:11 AM).
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I think that in one or two of the times I played one of these games, I caught one. If twice, it was both times Articuno. Articuno is also my favourite of the trio. It's extreme power of ice-type moves and flying-type moves is seriously awesome.
Ice is one of my favourite types in general...
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Old January 24th, 2015 (05:11 PM).
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I caught all 3 of them. (They are now in my AS game.) The first I caught was Zapdos, then I caught Moltres with a Poke Ball and a lot of time later, I caught Articuno. My favourite is Articuno, but all of them are between my favourite Pokémon.
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Old January 25th, 2015 (09:09 PM).
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Zapdos is my favorite. I think that they will hold their own for a while but I doubt they'll always be the best. When I first started playing pokemon I killed them because I never kept pokeballs on me and it was just extra exp, now days I try to complete my pokedex as best as I can so I do try to catch them all if I feel like going out of my way to get to them.


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Old February 21st, 2015 (08:41 PM).
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Articuno is my favourite because he was the first legendary I caught. I only use 1 ultra ball
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