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Old July 23rd, 2011 (11:36 AM). Edited July 24th, 2011 by Corvus of the Black Night.
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This tool was created by Atrius from Golden Sun Hacking Community; he does not come here anymore so I thought I would post this for him.


[Version 0.4] June 30, 2011 (1.37 MB .zip)

Older Versions

[Version 0.3] October 31, 2010 (1.68 MB .zip)

[Version 0.2] February 14, 2009 (1.70 MB .zip)

[Version 0.1] October 10, 2008 (1.62 MB .zip)

[Download Link] April Fools Day Hex Editor Edition (with background pack), April 1, 2010 (2.11 MB .zip)


Item Editor
Ability Editor
Party Member Stat Editor
Class Editor
Enemy Editor
Enemy Group Editor
Map Viewer
Sprite Viewer

Feature Log

Version 0.4
- Artifact editor
- Shop editor
- Innate Ability editing added to party member editor (Only compatible with TLA)
- Ability animations now identified by names of abilities that use them
- Preview pane added to Ability Animation selector (Only compatible with TLA)
- Function call detector added to NPC editor (Allows easy editing of shop & dialogue data called in ASM scripts of NPCs, only compatible with English TLA)
- Improvements to Sprite viewer (You can now view all the sprites in a sprite set)
- Compression efficiency improved
- Improvements to data location detection methods (Slight speed up of loading ROMs)
- Some very basic compatibility with NitroROM filesystem (.NDS files)
- Bug Fixes
-- Error reading byte in map editor
-- Leak in data repointer fixed
-- String mismatches on foreign language versions (Most notably Japanese)
-- "*Crashes Game*" labels on ability animations offset by 1 slot
Version 0.3
-Text editing
-Item modifiers that are multipliers are identified
-Party member battle sprite swapping
-Automatic type setting option for classes
--Class separation patch added to code patches for party members 4-7
-Djinni Editing
-Summon Editing
-Enemy Editor updates:
--Stat layout reorganized
--Attack patterns identified, and put into drop down list
--GS1 compatibility added
-Map Viewer updates:
--Drawing code optimized, support added for special effect modes on layers
--Added buttons for hiding layers
--Some basic NPC editing functionality added
---Can view all NPC sets detectable in Map data
---Can change NPC locations, and sprites
---Event viewer allows viewing of ASM, and idle scripts associated with NPC, as well as editing of dialogue
--Hex viewer now allows editing
--Code pointer viewer (Scans functions at the beginning of the map code for data pointers)
--Tileset viewer
-Most lists can be browsed with arrow keys
-All input fields allow text to be highlighted, cut, copied, and pasted
-Majority of text from interface has been exported to language.ini file to allow translating
-Bug fixes
--Unknown variable errors when saving, or exiting the program
--Party member maximum name length no longer changes to 11 by itself
--Enemy defense is now editable
--Error defining external function sometimes in newer versions of windows fixed
--First enemy in a group no longer gets set as the leader of the previous group as well
--Parts of the interface no longer disappear while using the party member editor
--Saving should no longer cause errors while in the ability editor
--Some errors relating to ability ranges have been fixed
--Starting the editor from a shortcut, or dragging & dropping a file onto it from another folder should no longer cause errors with finding necessary files
--Some typos in disassembled ASM code fixed

Version 0.2
-Ability editor
-Party member stat editor
-Class editor
-Map viewer (Still WIP)
-Code patches
--Change maximum party member name length
--RNG patch (Attempts to fix the predictability of the Battle RNG that people take advantage of)
-Viewing/Swapping portraits in sprite viewer
-Swapping item icons
-Search boxes on most lists
-Largely compatible with other language version of TLA, the original Golden Sun, and some compatibility with Mario Golf & Tennis for GBA.

Version 0.1
-Item Editor
-Enemy Editor
-Sprite Viewer
-Map ID list
-Text Viewer
-Works with the English version of Golden Sun: The Lost Age (0940)
-Can save
-Customizable background
-Golden Sun inspired interface

Other Patches (credit given)

Extra Instruments Patch V 1.0 by Corvidae
If you wanted to hack Golden Sun: The Lost Age's music, but didn't like the instrument restrictions, well, you're in luck! This patch has several extra instruments so you can use!

List of Instruments:
0 - Piano
4 - Electric Piano1
6 - Harpsicord
9 - Glockenspiel
11 - Vibes
13 - Marimba
14 - Tubular Bell
15 - Duclimer
19 - Church Organ
21 - Accordion
25 - Steel Guitar
36 - Slap Bass (needs some work)
40 - Quick Violin
41 - Violin
42 - Violin
57 - Trombone
59 - Muted Trumpet (could use some work)
60 - French Horn
74 - Flute 1
76 - Flute 2
115 - Agogo
117 - Taiko Drum
118 - Synth Drum
119 - Rain Loop
120 - Night Loop
121 - Cricket Chirp
122 - Bird1
123 - Bird2

Video Samples:

The patch does not, and will not, replace any current instruments or songs.

The Jump Patch by Teawater (with help of Atrius and Salanewt)

This is a patch to allow Jenna/Felix to jump when the B button is pressed.

I was at Yoshi's Lighthouse, and Salanewt posted basically a help topic with Atrius's PM's, so I eventually came and made this patch.

08020F94 - Created Jump function
0802709C - Function call to above function.
0802D91E (16-bit)
Quote originally posted by Atrius:
(This makes the height comparison algorithm for collisions load the actor's elevation instead of the elevation of the ground underneath them for it's calculations)
0802D954 (32-bit)
Quote originally posted by Atrius:
(Increases the threshold for how low the ground can be below an Actor without registering as a collision from 12px, to 64px. This has an added effect of allowing the player to walk off ledges.)

A video of the results of this is located here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS6xRg_4kgQ

I might as well add credit to Atrius and Salanewt for at-least getting me started with this.

Blacksmith Fix Mod by Atrius

Originally in the English version of The Lost Age Sunshine's wife would say "We only take cash. Is that all right with you?" even though in the Japanese version you got to see the amount of cash you would pay. This patch edits the dialogue to display the actual cost of the item as it was originally intended to.
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Old July 23rd, 2011 (09:30 PM).
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Lugiaz Soul
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I always loved the awesome music in Golden Sun!
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Old July 24th, 2011 (08:35 AM).
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Corvus of the Black Night
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Oh yes, me too, but it should be noted that the Music Patch is used if you want to hack the music in the game and so you'll have more options for it - for example, while Pokemon GBA has a French Horn instrument, Golden Sun does not so before you would have difficulty getting that instrument in Golden Sun... but no more! Basically, it won't seem like anything was changed if you didn't do anything to the music.

Looks like I forgot to post a video so I'll do that.
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Old July 28th, 2011 (10:16 AM).
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Lord Varion
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Golden Sun's music was the best!
The guy whom composed it had a good ear As he did when doing tales series :3

But the TLA editor is good :D I'm glad it's on v0.4 :3 Time for me to do some playing

EDIT: I noticed it has a .nds file extension on the file opening window does that mean it's compatible with Dark dawn?
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Old July 28th, 2011 (01:20 PM).
Corvus of the Black Night's Avatar
Corvus of the Black Night
Wild Duck Pokémon
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Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: With the Birds
Age: 21
Gender: Other
Nature: Impish
- Some very basic compatibility with NitroROM filesystem (.NDS files)
So you can view some stuff. You can't probably hack anything with it yet, I haven't looked into that aspect myself.

Atrius has hacked into DD though:

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Old July 29th, 2011 (08:07 AM).
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Lord Varion
Guess who's back?
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Age: 20
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Nature: Naughty
I saw that video before.
But, the dark dawn editor. It's all HEX D:
I'm no good at that guess I will have to wait till v0.5 -.-
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