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  1. How would the Ghostbusters fare in the Pokemon universe?
  2. Quite possibly the most important question you will ever play host to
  3. A pokemon stadium
  4. Pokemon vs Pokemon Poll #5 - The Eevee family
  5. Lets talk about the past.
  6. What "would" you use Pokemon for?
  7. Trainer personas
  8. Pokémon Creepypasta
  9. Fakemon Concept Discussion Thread
  10. If Pokemon were Greek Gods, what would they be?
  11. "I wonder if Roark plays Minecraft?"
  12. Pokemon that can be a gender, but shouldn't
  13. advice?
  14. If pokemon were real what is the first pokemon that you will catch?
  15. Feraligatr vs Krookodile
  16. You are now Elite Four!
  17. Why Nidoqueen can't breed
  18. If you were to make a new eeveelution, what would its type be and name?
  19. What trainer would you be?
  20. Create a new Trainer Class.
  21. Why not create a Mrs. Mime?
  22. Those lil' pocket monsters -- why like them?
  23. A talking Meowth?!
  24. Its a soccer game...
  25. Pokemon General Weekly Poll #6 - Forms
  26. Which Pokemon Theme Song from the Anime is your fav?
  27. Your favorite Appearance Designed Pokemon Versus your Least Favorite.
  28. Where would you base the next region on? [Free Cookies]
  29. The "End-Of-The-Month" Pokémon Award Ceremony
  30. Confused about these boxart images :/
  31. Pokemon Backsprites
  32. Cynthia should get married already :\
  33. Make Evos for Non-evo'd Pokes.
  34. Offline Pokedex
  35. Hamsters,Hamsters,Hamster Pokemon.......?
  36. Anyone know prices for pokemon toys and cards
  37. Pokemon Game Music
  38. What Pokemon City does your area resemble?
  39. Ruby/Sapphire remake
  40. My own Pokemon Games (PLEASE READ!)
  41. Pokémon Tower Defense
  42. Nixon Pokebattle 1: Steelix vs Armaldo
  43. Nixon Pokebattle 2: Raichu vs Luxray
  44. Nixon Pokebattle 3: Sesmitoad vs Poliwrath
  45. What will be the next region?
  46. Whats your fave champion?
  47. Pokemon siggy
  48. What would you change?
  49. What if Pokemon were real?
  50. Fan Terms: 'Pseudo-Legendaries' Edition
  51. Lvl 1 Evolved PKMN?
  52. What pokemon is it?
  53. Who's the cutest pokemon ?
  54. Pokemon 3D
  55. If you could give a legendary a gender...
  56. Pokemon General Poll #7 - Evolution by Trades (FOLKS, GET YOUR HAUNTER'S READY!)
  57. "That's NOT my sister's name!"
  58. Who Is The Cutest Girl?
  59. inanimate object/food Pokemon
  60. It's the Legendary Festival!
  61. How would these pokemon attacks feel like in real life?
  62. Reshiam vs Zekrom
  63. Anyone know of any good pokemon creepypasta?
  64. How would pkmn attacks be in reality?
  65. Stupid pokemon
  66. Best electric type
  67. Stupid pokemon
  68. Answer this please! :D
  69. would Zapdos or Articuno do more damage to Moltres?
  70. There are realistic pkmn!Why not realistic pkmn attacks?
  71. "Look! It's Sonic the Sandslash!"
  72. Pokemon fans answer!! :D
  73. Looking for some people to talk to about teams
  74. What would the world be like if humans served Pokemon?
  75. If you were to be a pokemon what type of pokemon would you like to be? Only 2 types!
  76. Favourite Pokemon Cry?
  77. If you could pick any pokemon to start out with
  78. Pokemon General # 8 - Reuniclus vs. Gothitelle [jelly and a astral body thing.]
  79. What pokemon attacks would you like to have access to in real life?
  80. Starting a Pokemon group in my city - any suggestions?
  81. Pokemon Larp
  82. What would be your choice Pokemon be to use as transportation?
  83. Reshiram Windows 7 theme
  84. Pokemon Creation Contest
  85. How would pokemon attack in real life?
  86. Is starmie a good pokemon?
  87. Pokemon look-alikes?
  88. If You Could Have Any Pokemon...
  89. "Pokémon Quest" Song On McDonalds?
  90. Smogon
  91. Nine-Year Old boy saves Pokemon TCG
  92. help on real life pokemon movie?
  93. Growlithe vs Houndour
  94. Pokemon General Poll # 9 - Favourite and Least favourite Gen I pokemon?
  95. Venipede vs Sewaddle
  96. Its/Hims/Hers
  97. Best Starter of all time
  98. PokeWalker?:/
  99. New Live Action Pokemon June 2011
  100. Would you be a Pokemon in the modern world?
  101. If You Were A Member Of The Elite 4?
  102. Poll-Favorite Unova Starter
  103. What kind of pokemon would be in South Carolina?
  104. your favorite pokémon.
  105. Does anyone try to catch 'em all with their S/O?
  106. Pokemon General Poll # 10 - Favourite / Least favourite Generation II Pokemon?
  107. Are new Pokémon overstylized?
  108. Hug A Reshiram Day --- An open Facebook event
  109. Pokemon "Morality".
  110. Machop Sweep Video (EPIC)
  111. If pokemon were real where would they live?
  112. Create - Your - Own - Pokemon Gym!
  113. Pokemon Shiny Gold Game Boy Advance Cart. Question
  114. Breeding Evolution Revolution
  115. Which pokemon type would be the strongest?
  116. Create an ability!
  117. Migrations
  118. What Would you Base a Pokemon on?
  119. Without evolution, would Pokémon still appeal to you?
  120. If Pokemon was like DBZ.
  121. Most useless Pokemon move tournament
  122. Which pokemon is stronger?
  123. Pokemon General Poll # 11 - Least / Most Favourite Generation III Pokemon?
  124. Would you be a nice or cruel trainer?
  125. Pokemon Fetishes
  127. Which game is best?
  128. Rate my team people
  129. Seen this yet? - Tall Grass Public Service Announcement
  130. Fave Pokemon Region!
  131. What to pokemon would you combine?
  132. Giratina must be cute and dark (> >)
  133. Pokemon Memes "Trololol"
  134. Would anyone be interested in battling my team of Beheeyem? (doubles)
  135. if you and 1 Pokemon were in a peformance
  136. Pokemon to come to your rescue
  137. Let's talk pokemon Contests~
  138. what your favorite protagonist in pokemon?
  139. POKEMON THEME SONG (New)! Watch it!
  140. Snorlax and Awakening
  141. Pokemon General Poll # 12 - Least / Most Favourite Generation IV Pokemon?
  142. what electric Pokemon would you use for power during a power outage?
  143. Would it be possible?
  144. What Pokemon would you like to see get an evo?
  145. Every PKMN has been created
  146. Books: Pokemon Newsweek & Pikachu's global adventure: the rise and fall of Pokémon
  147. help HG champion lance
  148. The cubone theroy?
  149. Eeveelutions
  150. good place to train in kanto HG
  151. MonsterMMORPG
  152. What pokemon do you think is the ugliest?
  153. Pokemon mindfreaks
  154. what pokemon would you be proud to show off in your city
  155. Looking for someone that backed up the "Befriend a Pokemon" website/flash file.
  156. Training >.<
  157. Keychain
  158. Pokemon General Poll # 13 - Least / Most Favourite Generation V Pokemon?
  159. What is the most difficult Pokemon to cosplay as?
  160. another mental video game involving Pokemon
  161. Pokemon Global Trading
  162. How would Special Defense be in real life?!
  163. Pokemon world getting a bit real ;D
  164. Pokemon stats in real life.How?!
  165. Could a human fight a pokemon and win?!
  166. What pokemon would you have as a bodyguard
  167. Moltres flight speed?
  168. Least favorite evolution?
  169. would you take a hit from a pokemon to save a life
  170. What would happen to a human if he ever got hit by these Pokemon attacks?!
  171. Can you write a list of the pokemon a human could beat in real life?
  172. like pets -- would you sleep with your Pokemon? which ones?
  173. raised & lived with a family of Pokemon
  174. Pokemon with three types?
  175. If you could become a pokemon, who would it be?
  176. Which Came First, the Game or the Anime?
  177. intense heat wave -- what Pokemon would you use to cool down?
  178. Dinosaur Pokemon?
  179. Buyer Beware of Biting!
  180. Your own preference in Pokemon
  181. Houndoom VS Mightyena
  182. Shaymin Sky Forme
  183. if you could magically bring 1 Pokemon into real life as your own Pokemon
  184. Spikes are IN this season!
  185. Your Top 5 Types
  186. Type combinations that there is a Pokemon for yet
  187. The anime sucks therefore I will remove it
  188. Darkrai is the best Dark Type
  189. If You Could Create a Type?
  190. Types
  191. Here Lies My Best Friend...and Closest Partner
  192. Pokemon General Poll # 14 - It doesn't exist!
  193. Deoxys
  194. Coma theory
  195. Re-doing the type chart...
  196. Least Favorite Sprites [All Gens]
  197. Generic Pokemon doubth
  198. what electric Pokemon comes to mind or you think about when you see lightning?
  199. What would you Do if it rained pokeballs
  200. Free Pokemon stickers
  201. Poke'sonas: What Pokemon do you consider yourself?
  202. could an electric Pokemon...
  203. Pokemon Facebook
  204. We Don't Know How it Got There, But...
  205. if you saw Reshiram & Zekrom fighting/arguing would you...
  206. dehydrated in a desert - what water Pokemon to quench your thirst
  207. does anybody use Pokemon related ringtones?
  208. Make an attack
  209. Are there any Pokemon attacks that exist in real life?
  210. If the Pokémon world was real...
  211. Card Rotation List
  212. Trouble with Spriting and Mixing
  213. Pokemon Poll # 15 - Pokemon Professor
  214. My Top 10 Pokemon!
  215. Pokemon BBM Group
  216. Would you like to live in Pallet Town?
  217. What Pokemon would you have as a lap pet.
  218. Pokémon Cries?
  219. how would you look in a trainer outfit in real life?
  220. Most overrated pokemon
  221. Ugh... "Bouffalant".
  222. Pokemon in need of an Evolution
  223. But our love it was stronger by far than the love...
  224. "Real world" or Pokemon world.
  225. Conspiracy Theories
  226. Eeveelutions....
  227. Help Me :Dx
  228. Weakest legendary Pokémon?
  229. Oh god.....Entree
  230. Your electricity is sharp, Jolteon!
  231. Weird evolutions.
  232. yellow version
  233. Wondering......
  234. New Pokemon Evolutions
  235. What is it....
  236. What if a movie/tv/game chacter was in Pokemon?
  237. Anyone here like dragon/flying types??
  238. Choose your favorite pokemon...
  239. Something's been bothering me....
  240. pokemon mega bloks doomed?
  241. "Don't worry, I have Generation X all planned out!"
  242. did the people of PokeEarth name the Pokemon after what they say
  243. I love you. I hate you. Go away! Be my star Pokemon!
  244. Pokemon I think deserve a evolution / Type/Stat Changes
  245. Lets make a pokemon story =)
  246. "This is a Bulbasaur beat!"
  247. Is the Idea of a Human-Ruled Pokemon World Realistic?
  248. Pokemon General Poll # 16 - What First Attracted You to Pokemon? What Keeps You a Fan
  249. my second Pokemon related Windows 7 theme - Moltres
  250. The best pokemon game?