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  1. [B/W] Blue Flare VS Bolt Strike -- Which do you like better?
  2. [B/W] "Serperiors special attack sharply rose" Gen V ability discussion.
  3. [B/W] New Sprites, Old Pokemon
  4. [B/W] Unova
  5. [B/W] Too many dragons
  6. [B/W] Like the Unova region is ours
  7. [B/W] trading and friends codes
  8. [B/W] Friend codes
  9. [B/W] That Pokémon you just can't go without?
  10. [B/W] friend codes please
  11. [B/W] DS Gamesave to PC?
  12. [B/W] Release date bugs
  13. [B/W] Trading for Pokemon Black/White (Wi-Fi)
  14. [B/W] Prices for White/Black
  15. [B/W] Male or Female, and Name?
  16. [B/W] New C-Gear skin announcement & discussion thread
  17. [B/W] Boufallant, what a pain to take down.
  18. [B/W] Does Anyone Use Victini
  19. [B/W] White forest help
  20. [B/W] EVs Question
  21. [B/W] Anyone else abuse the bridge?
  22. [B/W] Move Tutors
  23. [B/W] Dragonspiral tower & Cobalion - help needed!
  24. [B/W] need ideas
  25. [B/W] I don't feel anything, even when I go into the room...
  26. [B/W] Do you think they should have made another Eeveelution in Unova?
  27. [B/W] I want battles now
  28. [B/W] Unfair
  29. [B/W] Stay away from my school, you can't swim
  30. [B/W] Frustration
  31. [B/W] Pokemon Black Walkthrough! :)
  32. [B/W] My Audino is stronger than your Liepard
  33. [B/W] Speed's our only friend!
  34. [B/W] B/W Starters
  35. [B/W] After the Storyline
  36. [B/W] So my Pokemon White just arrived today...
  37. [B/W] Glitches
  38. [B/W] What the ---- is wrong with my game?
  39. [B/W] Did I miss any Wi-Fi events?
  40. [B/W] The Extinct Shiny Pokémons
  41. [B/W] Zubat, Munchlax, Gastly and Ralts in White
  42. [B/W] Black and White
  43. [B/W] Generation V's move/attack modifications
  44. [B/W] Starting Pokemon
  45. [B/W] Evolution Trade
  46. [B/W] Abyssal Ruins
  47. [B/W] What pokemon should I use on my team?(in-game purposes)
  48. [B/W] Im at unity tower
  49. [B/W] Seven sages origins
  50. [B/W] the missingno. of pokemon white
  51. [B/W] Somewhat complex RNG question
  52. [B/W] Unova Pokemon Design
  53. [B/W] Need breeding help with larvesta
  54. [B/W] Need trusted help transferring Victini to new game. :3
  55. [B/W] new to pokemon/black
  56. [B/W] Dream World Q's??
  57. [B/W] EV Training
  58. [B/W] Check out my LP!
  60. [B/W] Disappointed and excited at the same time
  61. [B/W] Things in B/W that irritate you - discussion!
  62. [B/W] Attack(s) you wanted on a pokemon
  63. [B/W] Please help
  64. [B/W] Can anyone help me out
  65. [B/W] Hilda-Touko-White? Hilbert-Touya-Black? Which one?
  66. [B/W] Victini
  67. [B/W] WHY UNOVA WHY!!!!!!!
  68. [B/W] Are Unova Pokemon a Bit Weak?
  69. [B/W] Marvelous Bridge-"Did she Just Disappear?!"
  70. [B/W] Favourite pokemon in B/W
  71. [B/W] Hardest Legendary to catch in B/W
  72. [B/W] Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect
  73. [B/W] I have returned - with a question about training in B/W
  74. [B/W] The Shadow Triad = Chili, Cress and Cilan?
  75. [B/W] The house in Mistralton City
  76. [B/W] Let's fly around Unova
  77. [B/W] The New Moves of Generation V
  78. [B/W] Mysterious moves :O
  79. [B/W] did anybody else cry at the part Bianca's dad showed up?
  80. [B/W] How do you like my team?
  81. [B/W] Best Grass pokemon?
  82. [B/W] New beginning or just a restart?
  83. [B/W] What's the Point of a 3rd Game?
  84. [B/W] Things you like about B&W
  85. [B/W] Refurbed Graphics for the better :/ ?
  86. [B/W] Which Swarming Pokémon do you have today?
  87. [B/W] was anybody else successful at capturing Druddigon?
  88. [B/W] About the Wifi
  89. [B/W] Snarl Zoroark
  91. [B/W] Pokemon Black and White Pokemon League Discussion
  92. [B/W] what was your strategy on defeating Ghetsis?
  93. [B/W] Breeding Whirlipede
  94. [B/W] What C-Gear skin are you using?
  95. [B/W] Which area would you like to live in?
  96. [B/W] Please Help Dream world Problem
  97. [B/W] Pokémon BW: did you enjoy it?
  98. [B/W] Who do you think its the hottest Gym Leader in Black and White?
  99. [B/W] Trading question
  100. [B/W] Why do people hate B/W so much?
  101. [B/W] Pokemon Trainer Hilda
  102. [B/W] Mewtwo Wifi Event
  103. [B/W] Black and White on VBA
  104. [B/W] Pokemon of Orlando Meet up
  105. [B/W] New Japanese Dream World Area Soon: Old Mansion
  106. [B/W] Black and White Anniversary Weekend: Design-a-Cover Contest!
  107. [B/W] Cursed Body Banette
  108. [B/W] Black and White on the 3DS
  109. [B/W] What do you guys think of this deal..
  110. [B/W] How is EXP determined?
  111. [B/W] Would I be ready to re-beat Elite 4 with..
  112. [B/W] Cynthia?
  113. [B/W] Guys I need an answer now..
  114. [B/W] Trades please
  115. [B/W] Bianca or Cheren? Which was harder?
  116. [B/W] Do you ever feel like a Team Plasma member?
  117. [B/W] Black or White?
  118. [B/W] Birthday Pokemon
  119. [B/W] Brock and Dawn
  120. [B/W] Disappearing shop?
  121. [B/W] Pokémon give me the ability to dream
  122. [B/W] Musical Props & Trainer Card Upgrade
  123. [B/W] is it possible to make a higher level pokemon learn a move that you said forget
  124. [B/W] Pokemon Black - 'RECORDS'
  125. [B/W] Bad Word
  126. [B/W] What was your team for the Elite Four? (First or Second time.)
  127. [B/W] Quick Shiny question....
  129. [B/W] Pokemon Black and white boss and rival battles
  130. [B/W] favorite cries of Black & White
  131. [B/W] Banette Code!
  132. [B/W] Best Pokemon of Each Type(Non Legendary)
  133. [B/W] Lack of water pokemon!
  134. [B/W] Gamefreak has a Tournament on Wifi (now over!)
  135. [B/W] pokerus needed!!!!
  136. [B/W] Pokemon Gray Discussion
  137. [B/W] English Name Discussion
  138. [B/W] Tepig and Oshawott for $$$
  139. [B/W] Generation V's Pokémon's Future Evolutions
  140. [B/W] Question about Elesa/4th Badge
  141. [B/W] Hardest Experience in B/W
  142. [B/W] 2011 autumn friendly
  143. [B/W] European Mamoswine
  144. [B/W] And N's Real Name is...
  145. [B/W] Nature = Zoroark, Y/N?
  146. [B/W] What is your favourite gym in Unova?
  147. [B/W] Pokemon dns codes
  148. [B/W] Trainers with Pokemon with Items
  149. [B/W] Pokémon Centre Blissey Giveaway
  150. [B/W] The Unova Zodiac
  151. [B/W] Possible ideas for new Dream Isle areas
  152. [B/W] Is Unova Same as Kanto?
  153. [B/W] Samurott
  154. [B/W] Pokémon Carnival - Musical!
  155. [B/W] Internal Clock Limit? :o
  156. [B/W] Worst unova pokemon
  157. [B/W] Anyone else agree with Team Plasma?
  158. [B/W] HM06 Dive
  159. [B/W] Japanese Global Link Altaria Giveaway
  160. [B/W] Do you think Black and White are lacking in "good" giveaway pokemon?
  161. [B/W] And here we thought there was nothing to offer! (Cover Legendary Giveaway)
  162. [B/W] Leavanny vs [Scolipede]
  163. [B/W] There will be NO 3rd game for Gen V
  164. [B/W] I need some team builders help
  165. [B/W] What strategy and Pokemon did you use to defeat Cynthia?
  166. [B/W] Epic Fails in Black and White
  167. [B/W] Arceus wins the Global Link Vote, much to the disappointment of PC members
  168. [B/W] Pokemon Type Combinations You Have Never Seen
  169. [B/W] Rugged Mountain
  170. [B/W] where do you spend most of your time?
  171. [B/W] Random Matchup
  172. [B/W] [Reuniclus] vs Gothitelle
  173. [B/W] A great opportunity is presented to you!
  174. [B/W] The Unova Weather Trio
  175. [B/W] Favorite Version
  176. [B/W] Battle! Subway
  177. [B/W] Lack of Water types in Pokemon Black and White.
  178. [B/W] on pokemon black and white is it good experimenting teams
  179. [B/W] Movie Victini Event
  180. [B/W] Dream World?
  181. [B/W] Does anyone know where to find Pokemon Black And White Music?
  182. [B/W] Mysteries of Unova!
  183. [B/W] Croagunk Giveaway
  184. [B/W] Vote to Befriend a Pokemon
  185. [B/W] A perfect Ghost type team
  186. [B/W] training larvesta
  187. [B/W] The relationship between opposites
  188. [B/W] Haxorus vs [Hydreigon]
  189. [B/W] Favorite Unova Gym Leader?
  190. [B/W] Tornadus and Thundurus for Japan!
  191. [B/W] typo in Pokémon White?!
  192. I hate the Dream World so much I wish it would burn to ashes
  194. [B/W] Hardest Unova Gym Leader?
  196. [B/W] Underrated Unova Pokemon?
  197. [B/W] [Whimsicott] vs Lilligant
  198. [B/W] Seasons in Unova
  199. [B/W] Anyone want some Eevee's on Black and White?
  200. [B/W] Pokemon Musicals
  201. [B/W] Are there any lessons to learn from Pokemon Black/White?
  202. [B/W] Shaymin for Pokemon Centres in Japan
  203. [B/W] [Escavalier] vs Accelgor
  204. [B/W] Fight for the DW Starters!
  205. [B/W] Reshiram and Zekrom from this set re-released in Japan
  206. [B/W] Pokerus Zorua
  207. [B/W] Black and White: Gimmicked?
  208. [B/W] Want free legendary pokemon ?
  209. [B/W] Opelucid city
  210. [B/W] Which Pokemon are you?
  211. [B/W] Poké Marts in the Pokémon Centers
  212. [B/W] Were you happy with the plot?
  213. [B/W] [Sawk] VS Throh
  214. [B/W] Birthday Audino: Is it True?
  215. [B/W] What did you do with your Pansage/Pansear/Panpour?
  216. [B/W] #Help# WIFI White rom?
  217. [B/W] A question about dreamworld.
  218. [B/W] ENTIRE plot required!
  219. [B/W] Which one...
  220. [B/W] [Braviary] vs Mandibuzz
  221. [B/W] Global Link problem?
  222. [B/W] What is the best/fastest way to get a pokemon to max. happiness.
  223. [B/W] An Eggcelent Event
  224. [B/W] Converting Vs Recorder to Video
  225. [B/W] What starter did you choose?
  227. [B/W] Need a Squirtle and a Bulbasaur if possible
  228. [B/W] pokemon center rage
  229. [B/W] Move sets best for my Pokemon?
  230. [B/W] [Stoutland] VS Liepard
  231. [B/W] What do you think of Unova as a whole?
  232. [B/W] Should I get Pokemon Black or White?
  233. [B/W] Pansage, Pansear, Panpour ugh!!
  234. [B/W] Unova & New York City - Spelling it Out Plainly
  235. [B/W] ULTIMATE pokemon challenge
  236. [B/W] Dream World Pokémon Discussion
  237. [B/W] Favorite music from Black & White?
  238. [B/W] Is the battle subway extremely difficult?
  239. [B/W] A special Christmas treat: 3 vs 3 faceoff feat -Virizion, Terrakion and -Cobalion!
  240. [B/W] Do you think that some of the Unova Pokemon don't even look like Pokemon?
  241. [B/W] What did you do with Reshiram/Zekrom?
  242. [B/W] Contrary -strategy and questions
  243. [B/W] Where can i find Ditto? (Pokemon Black)
  244. [B/W] A Step Backwards for Legendaries
  245. [B/W] Pokemon Black Menu(Down-Screen)
  246. [B/W] ohainew?
  247. [B/W] [Zekrom] vs Reshiram vs Kyurem
  248. [B/W] Abyssal ruins
  249. [B/W] Post-Main Story Storyline
  250. [B/W] Twist Mountain