View Full Version : Is it uncommon to hate Wii Music?

January 30th, 2009, 12:25 PM
I just rented Wii Music when I saw all the cool songs to play and stuff but when I rented it, it sucks in my opinion. You don't actually play notes, you just hit them, any person could do that. My parents saw how much I wanted to rent it so I'm afraid to not play it.

January 30th, 2009, 12:35 PM
Lol Cool songs? It's all public domain stuff.

Wii Music should not be confused with games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. You're not playing the "notes" or matching colours. Wii Music is a creative rhythm game. You hit the notes in your way or speed and customize the song. One game is playing a song, one game is creating a song.

I think most people hate the game. Which is understandable. Different tastes and all. But some people hate it a lot more than is necessary. The game is really just a midi synthesizer for people who can't play music.

January 30th, 2009, 5:00 PM
Since I got the game for free, I decided to try it and I quit after the initial introduction. =\

January 30th, 2009, 6:52 PM
It looks terrible, so no. XD

I've never played it, but it looks lame. :x

Capt. Couch
January 30th, 2009, 7:47 PM
No, it's not uncommon to hate on Wii Music at all. Just be careful who you say it around. The Nintendo fanboys will eat you...

Nintendo will make a few mentionable titles for gamers every once in a while, but for the most part it's all about the all-mighty dollar. I don't blame them, though. Money is sitting out there in the casual market, why not take it? As long as they're still around to make the occasional diamond in the rough, I'm not complaining.

January 31st, 2009, 11:49 AM
I saw one video that made me want it but... not at that ridiculous price. Honestly, I'd pay no more than $20 for it. Anything more sounds kind of insulting.

Interesting concept but definitely overhyped. You're not in any minority--most non-casuals don't like it.

February 3rd, 2009, 9:28 AM
There is this video on youtube that makes it look amazing. And I think it would be fun. But I am a musician myself. XD;;; But I would never pay the price that is asked for it now. I might get it in a couple of years when it his the $20 rack :/

C r A s H.
February 3rd, 2009, 9:41 AM
In my opinion, Wii Music is a fantastic game. Supposing you haven't unlock everything, which you should, you can play Ledgend of Zelda, Super mario bros and Animal Crossing

February 3rd, 2009, 9:58 AM
This game is an embarrassment to the industry as a whole.

February 3rd, 2009, 10:20 AM
I didn't like it. I understand the idea behind it but it's just not fun. It would have been cooler if it was more like Electroplankton. I thought that was a fun little game that could have been expanded into a really good Wii game.

February 3rd, 2009, 6:09 PM
I liked it a lot, well, not A LOT, but enough to play it 'til the end. It's a nice little game for the family.

February 3rd, 2009, 7:12 PM
It was fun for 20 minutes.

But only because I 'got' it for free.

February 3rd, 2009, 8:06 PM
This game is an embarrassment to the industry as a whole.
I agree and support this response. Really, WiiMusic is just sad...I feel sorry for it, then I remember all the money it makes regardless. (I'm a big Nintendo fan FYI)

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