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C r A s H.

Ra d i a t i o n

Seen August 20th, 2009
Posted June 8th, 2009
23 posts
11.2 Years
Welcome to Bui Bui and Yoriu's Graphix Shop
Super awesome fantabulus banner soon!


1. Don't request if solts are full. Yoriu only works on a weekend ONLY
2. If you are not happy with the result, Tell us. We'll redo it.
3. Always give credit.
4. Any images. But must be transparent renders.
5. Use password: Buizel Sonic

Request Form:
Who to make [Yoriu only on Weekends]:
Banner Size [Leave blank for 360 x 120]:
Colour Scheme:
Sub-Text [Not needed]:
Matching Avvie?:

Bui Bui's Solts:


You may post!

♠ Theme :: Grunge Rainbow
♠ Best Friend :: Yoriu
♠ Other Friends :: x_xcrissy & Zentek
♠ Pair :: Searching

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Cold Fusion

When you laugh, you gain luck.

Age 24
Earth, England
Seen March 19th, 2012
Posted March 19th, 2012
1,180 posts
11.2 Years
OOO can u do a umbreon 1!
Who to make - don't mind
Banner Size [Leave blank for 360 x 120]: Any size will do
Colour Scheme: u choose
Text: Crissy
Sub-Text [Not needed]: Moonlight
Matching Avvie?: yes please
Other - can i have a moon somewhere on it please

livejournal icons; theme SHINee's Onew
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