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Neptune Vasilias
May 1st, 2011, 1:43 AM
So while I was playing Pokemon Emerald and EV training my Pokemon, my friend suggested to me, "Hey, why not write a guide on the best EV training places in the game?" So I was like, "Hmm, ok. I'll give it a try. So after many weeks of typing, playing the game to discover unknown places and mostly slacking. Here it is for everyone's viewing!

Location: Rusturf Tunnel
Pokemon: Whismur (1)
Comments: Whismur is the only Pokemon you'll find here. This place is great for low-leveled Pokemon.

Location: Route 115 Ponds
Pokemon: Marill (2)
Comments: The blue mice here gives out 2 HP EVs. Aren't they generous? XD

Location: Underwater
Pokemon: Chinchou (1)
Comments: Chinchou are one of the most common Pokemon you'll while diving underwater. If you're lucky, a rare Relicanth appears giving out 1 HP and 1 Defense.

Location: Routes 101 to 104
Pokemon: Poochyena (1)
Comments: Poochyena are the most common around these early areas and along with Zigzagoon which gives 1 Speed EV, these places make a good place for training early physical sweepers.

Location: Routes 120 to 123.
Pokemon: Poochyena (1), Mightyena (2), Absol (2)
Comments: The Dark type Pokemon here all give Attack EVs. This is a great place for EV training. ^^

Location: Mt. Pyre
Pokemon: Shuppet (1)
Comments: The whole of Mt pyre is filled with Shuppets. Apart from the previous spot, this is also a good place. :)

Location: Petalburg Woods
Pokemon: Silcoon (2), Cascoon (2)
Comments: Silcoons and Cascoons can be found commonly here.

Location: Team Magma Hideout
Pokemon: Geodude (1), Graveler (2), Torkoal (2)
Comments: These are the only Pokemon you'll find here. Team Magma sure helped a lot in EV training Defense. :)

Location: Underwater
Pokemon: Clamperl (1), Relicanth (1).
Comments: Clamperl is very common while diving. Don't forget that Relicanth that appears with a HP EV as an extra token! :D

Special Attack
Location: Route 113
Pokemon: Spinda (1), Slugma (1)
Comments: The volcanic ashes is home to many Pokemon of Special Attack EVs. This is a very notable spot.

Location: Route 123
Pokemon: Oddish (1), Gloom (2)
Comments: Good place for training mid-leveled Pokemon.

Special Defense
Location: Route 114
Pokemon: Lotad (1), Lombre (2), Swablu (1)
Comments: This area is heavily populated with Lotads and Swablu and the occasioinal Lombre which all give Special Defense. :)

Location: Any body of water. Abandoned Ship.
Pokemon: Tentacool (1), Tentacruel (2)
Comments: Tentacools can be found in almost every body of water in Hoenn. In the Abandoned Ship, Tentacruels can be fished in the basement floor. :)

Location: Route 110
Pokemon: Electrike (1), Plusle (1), Minun (1), Wingull (1)
Comments: Electrikes and Wingulls are common in this part of Hoenn. Plusles seldom appear but when they do, they drop Speed EVs. ^^

Location: Route 118
Pokemon: Wingull (1), Electrike (1), Manectric (2), Zigzagoon (1), Linoone (2).
Comments: All the Pokemon here dish out Speed EVs. Another great spot for Speed EVs.

I'm pretty sure I covered everything, but if you find that I missed out a place or Pokemon, VM me about it and I'll fix it. :)

May 2nd, 2011, 5:34 PM
Doesn't serebii already have something like this?Although they don't have as good of comments..

May 2nd, 2011, 5:46 PM
Thanks, but there's already a portion of the Advanced Gen FAQ dedicated to EV training, and...is a bit more detailed. :x So, if anyone needs to know where to EV train and such, there's already a guide in there. Sorry!