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April 26th, 2004, 2:42 PM
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April 26th, 2004, 3:32 PM
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April 26th, 2004, 4:18 PM
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April 26th, 2004, 8:18 PM
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<< Well, Kagome-sama said she needed people for the types, and that theres somethin big gonna happen, i guess you can start by having everyone meet up with Damian and Takeda, and i am guessin she'll explain as much as she can for the moment to you all... but right now i dont know how many people are here... theres like, 5 that i am amlost sure of... -.-;;>>

April 27th, 2004, 2:38 PM
<<Um, okay.I wonder what big thing's gonna happen....hmmm...>>

April 28th, 2004, 11:38 AM
** GAHH! Everyone left....*Cries* And it was going so well......Curses!Allwell!Screw it!**

Damian climbed atop His dragonite, the beast leaping into the air as Kal followed. : Takeda! Protect my master with your life! If you ever want Faith back you must guard him! I am going to stall Lunaris as long as I can! Don't get in my way! Do you Understand!: The flareon commanded, launching himself into the air. A pokeball on Damian's belt glowed, releasing a large bird of ice. "Siren! Kal!" Damian exclaimed, suddenly realizing what the two were up to. Siren caught Kal skillfully, trilling a farewell to her master as she picked up speed. " KAAAALLLL!!!!" Damian cried out, knowing that if he turned back it would consumate the entire project. Kal turned to face his master's fading form, a tear freeing itself from him. : Arigato....Damian-Sama...: He thought sadly, a light smile curving his maw. He faced his current situation, his energy coming to him at his very command. Fire spiraled from the earth, heat rolling off of his body in waves. Siren let loose a battle cry, the elements of ice mixing with fire. Lunaris watched them calmly, emotionlessly taking in the sittuation. She stepped forward, the very ground sparking with black and white lighting. The Flareon gazed one last time a Takeda, a final thought slipping from him as he and Siren collided with a wall of energy. A massive explosion destroying nearly all of the surrounding area. Lunaris stood flawlessly as the reckage rained down about her, her wings outstreatched fully. Her snout was facing the ground, her eyes glowing a unnatural purple.
Kal's final words...." I hope you find happiness my nephew....Siren my love...I shall see you on the other side...."

April 28th, 2004, 1:14 PM
Damian wiped away a stray tear, urging the large dragon forward. His eyes closed in a silent prayer, the wind whipping wildly about him. "...It has begun. We must find the stones that bind her power or every morph on this earth will perish...." He said emotionlessly.

April 28th, 2004, 1:29 PM
OOC: If it is alright, I would like to start over. If that isn't okay, I will make this post compatible to both situations!

IC: Something stirred.

Something stirred in her quiet pool of conciousness.

Skye opened her eyes, the world around her, the sounds, the smells, the sights, the touch, filling her body once more.

But all was not at peace.

She stretched her pointy, sunshine yellow and jet black wings, her bird tail fanning out as well. She blew the whisps of hair that hung in her face, feeling her eyebrows narrow at the feeling of such disturbance.

Someone, a morph like herself, was in trouble.

She took off in the direction of the feeling, her wings beating with a mighty force that slapped the wind into obediance. There was no storm, no ugly weather that could keep her from flight.

She was no psychic morph, but her training had left her with an unpolished sixth sense. Her Zapdos characteristics were enough to keep the humans away. They had enough trouble capturing the actual legendary, much less the morph.


Ahead there was a man on a Dragonite, looking fiercely worried. She flew up to him, noticing the tear that carved its way down his cheek.

"You are the disturbance I have felt," she said above the harsh wind. "I have come to aid you. I hold within me the greatest power of electricity. My name is Skye."

April 28th, 2004, 1:42 PM
Damian stared emotionlessly at the great morph before him, a great knowing filling him. "....Good....We must go.... Follow me..." He said softly. The Dragonite, dove downward, spiraling tightly. It picked up speed, dodging any obsticals that came before him. He landed, dust billowing outward in it's wake. ** Ooo! Guess what! I just posted the Fic about this. It will be much more detailed so if you want in it PM me*

April 28th, 2004, 1:45 PM
Skye followed in hot persuit, her brows narrowing in concentration as she dove to the ground. She landed beside the Dragonite. Her wings flapped a few more times, slowing, then gently folded behind her. She looked at the man beside her upon the Dragonite.

"What is this place?" she asked gravely.

April 28th, 2004, 2:03 PM
Before them stretched the ruins of an old lab, Damian looking about sadly. " This is were it began...." He said monotonely.

April 28th, 2004, 3:15 PM
Skye's eyes scanned the ruins, the dust the Dragonite's wings had kicked up had settled. Her eyes scanned the scene, one of devastation and mourning. Her heart sank as her eyes narrowed.

"Where what began?" she asked slowly, her muscles tensing from an unseen and unknown danger.

April 28th, 2004, 9:06 PM
Takeda stepped from the darkness. He remembered this place, its stone walls created a sort of shrine to all he was. Of all he used to be. His eyes blurred as he remembered the life that once filled these walls. Now... even the laughter of the young pokemorphs sang a sorrowful minuet as he remembered his past.
"This... is where... we... were made. Faith and I." He said reverently.
He slowly made his way to the room where she was kept.
"Keh, it took you long enough. Damian... what do you remember of her? All I can remember is... never being able to talk to her."
He paused for a moment before he pounded his fists against the remainder of the wall. Blood and tears stained the concrete, memories tearing his head apart.
"Why... were we created?" He asked Damian, his gaze still fixed on the spot where Faith stood in his last memories.

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April 29th, 2004, 12:30 PM
Damian sighed softly, his head bowing in reverance. " This place....it held so many memories, so much life.....and now it holds souls...." He began, stooping before a small scrape of metal. He lifted it from the dust, blowing the debris from it. Acrossed it were inscribed the letters: F.A.I.T.H
" Project FAITH was a project designed for the creation of a morph that could destroy every morph in the world...."He said finally, dropping the metal to the ground. " Many tests were done on existing morphs and pokemon, None of them unwilling. We reaserched for years, finally coming upon a way to end the problems between humans and the other races. First we thought that creating a super powerful morph that could eliminate Pokemon and Morphs alike, wiping thier kind from the planet. Out of 700 test subjects this is what we ended up with..." Damian said motioning to Takeda. " You were designed in every aspect to be a destroyer of this world. But then there was an overthrow within the ranks and idels were changed. We then decided to create a morph so powerful that it could desimate the entire world with a single thought. This morph was to be able to take in the emotions and pain of pokemon, humans and other morphs, using it to judge if the world sould deserve to survive. Instead of eliminating you as we had first planned,Takeda, We decided to use you as a sort of body guard for the new morph. You two were ment to be mates...To be the angels of death so to speak. Thus the FAITH project began. Fallen Angels In a Torn Heaven. We combined the DNA of every legandary pokemon on the planet, along with that of a humans. The Legandarys readily agreed to this tactic. Thier kind slowly dieing off. So now it is up to everyone on earth to prevent Lunaris from destroying it. She must find good here or she will kill us all. Hence the name FAITH. " Damian explained, sinking to the ground. "Sacrafices....horrible ones have been made......I only hope that my faith in life hasn't been misplaced. " He added softly.

April 29th, 2004, 1:14 PM
"Project... chaos." Takeda said bitterly. "You planned on disposing of me. Yet, no one knew, did they? Did you know of my past? Did you know that my parents were the offspring of the legendary Pokemon Entei and Suicune? Did you know, that I posessed the genes within me to destroy everything in my path. I trusted in you all. I allowed you to alter my body, to morph me, when I was still young enough for that morphing to take place. Do you know, Damian, just how much that hurt? Do you know what it felt like, to have these," He raised his hands, the metal bands shown in detail, "ripping through your arms? Do you know the pain that I have been through, and caused? It wasnt an accident that I was left alive, no one thouht I would be useful..." He paused, smirkng to himself, "No one could kill me. And after I informed your 'boss,' the stupid council, and my parents of my interest in Faith... I made a deal. I would protect her, and... play nicely... with all the workers in the lab. You know, now that I look at it... I could have easily killed everyone myself. But... she changed me. Just being around her... warmed my heart. So, In this time, where she knows only murser and killing... I wish to do the same. I wish to show her my love. And if she refuses it, then I shall die, knowing that I had the courage to speak to her."
He turned away from her holding cell, tracing his bloodied hand along the wall. He took a few more steps and came to a pile of rubble. Holding that same hand out, he easily raised the broken slabs of concrete, revealing a statue of two pokemon. An Espeon and an Umbreon. The Inscription underneath read 'Here lies Ein and Ayane.' A small silver feather rested on a chain around their necks.
"My parents... told me to never let go of this pendant. Do you know what importance it has?" He asked, idly taking it in his hands, a strage warmth surrounding his body. "Damien... What can you tell me... H...how can I save her?"

April 29th, 2004, 2:56 PM
Skye watched the morph and Damian move throught e rubble. She felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and loss tear through her insides, and she knelt at the ground. Her eyes traveled across the ruined earth. The pain was so great here. She could feel it in the depth of her bones.

"What is it that I can do?" she asked them after hearing the tragic sotry of the creation and destruction of this place. "What can resolve such dissonance in the world?"

May 1st, 2004, 10:34 AM
"....You are wrong Takeda......" Damian said softly, his stilled emotions surging forth breifly. " We knew that we could not kill you.....but she could......It was a fail proof. If you got out of hand we would merely have to transform her and she would take your soul into her....That is what she will do.....What she was designed to do..... Her whole purpose was to take in the souls of those who aren't human and to die.....She was to release Morphs and pokemon from thier pain....." He continued, faltering slightly. " I had to kill my own family....my dreams....a young girl....and you....Kal....Siren....everyone who put thier faith into this project....Everyone has died and I must continue to live so that I can end it...." He said his breathing becoming irregular. " If you want her to survive this with her soul intact you must collect the elemental stones that complete the ring on her head. With them her powers will be balanced. You must not at any cost however, let her find all of them herself....They must be placed in the correct order and place or the energy will rip her apart. " Damian finished. " Young Zapdos....You bare one of these jems.....though you do not know it." He said looking at Skye. Youkai cried out loudly, his eyes widening. "Takeda!!!!" He screamed, A large blast of energy striking the child. Damian watched in horror as the very soul of the morph was raised from his body. It floated through the energy, flowing into the body of the now visable Lunaris. She howled loudly, her wings beating the air. Youkai fell dead at thier feet, his body lifeless.
Lunaris landed her body shifting yet again, this time taking on a more humaniod form. Her body was coated in a thin layer of purple fur, her six silver wings remianing. Her eyes glowed an intense silver, staring dirrectly at them. She plucked a feather from one of her wings, holding in into the air. It elongated, forming into a large steel blade. She stared at them with a hungery look, energy twining about the blade.
"You should know this form quite well Takeda...." Damian stated, his eyes never leaving the Lunaris.

May 1st, 2004, 5:25 PM
OOC: Little confused, but I'm sure it will be cleared up soon enough!

IC: Skye watched the transformation, confused and a little afraid. She raised her bo staff to a defensive position, prepared to defend herself if necessary.

"IF we are to restore these 'gems' then why do we stand around here?" she demanded, looking from the newly formed morph back to Damian.

May 1st, 2004, 11:17 PM
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"Get to safety. Now." Takdeda commanded in a disturbing monotone voice.
He stood, motionless, infront of his enemy. In front of a still beautiful, although deadly, woman who stole his heart. Only thing was, now she wanted his soul. << -.-;; yipe>> Still playing with the small feather pendant, he turned toward Damien, removing his katana from its sheath at his side. He put the pendant on swiftly with his psychic powers and spoke softly.
"I'll hold her back as long as possible. Either she stops acting crazy..." He paused as he turned towards the woman, her blade still trained on him, "Or she kills me. One must be at peace with death. Even before one is dead. That is the way of the samurai." He finished, striking a front stance.
He brought the blade forward, resting it above his knee. Slowly, a black aura grew around Takeda as he stood ready to defend himself and keep her alive at all costs. He just hoped he could one day tell her the truth.
God, how he hated Love.

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May 2nd, 2004, 5:25 PM
Lunaris growled lowly, a sadistic smirk growing on her face. She seemed almost overjoyed that he had decided to fight, licking her lips in antici.......pation((Sorry Rocky Horror moment)) Her eyes darkened, energy sparking about her in a dance of power. In an instant she was in front of him, her feater like blade swinging in a wide arc. Energy shot outwards dangerously, her silver hair flowing around her.

Damian climbed atop his dragonite, hauling the confused Zapdos morph with him. " You must not die here....." He said in a mild explaination, the beast leaping into the air.

May 2nd, 2004, 6:50 PM
Skye felt herself hoisted up into the air. Her wings shot out from behind her, and she flapped quickly away from the grasp, her bo staff tight in her hands.

"Sorry," she murmured. "Reflex.."

She trailed off, and followed the Dragonite and its trainer.

May 2nd, 2004, 9:31 PM
licking her lips in antici.......pation((Sorry Rocky Horror moment)) .
<< LOFingL>>
Takeda scoffed at the weak attack, her blade and all its pretty sparking power stopping before his face. He hadnt even broken a sweat, and all he could do was mentally curse her for not even coming at him full force. He lowered his blade, using what little energy needed, and focused a small shove, sending her back a few feet.
"Tell me you're being nice because you love me. That would just make my day. Oh, dont worry, Faith... If you dont want me... you can kill me. As long as you aren't as weak as you are now." He taunted, flirting dangerously with his bad feelings.
Takeda knew she was strong. Damian said she could kill him, something he saw as highly doubtful, but nonetheless... Strength wasnt the deciding factor. That little emotion, the one that rules the world making any tough as nails creature bow before it, decided it all. She'll live. If he has to die. Sometimes he hated the Samurai Bushido. He stepped forward, unleashing another mental shove, knocking her back to the ground. He winced as he saw a small rivulet of blood flowing from her thigh. He shook his head in disgust not at her, but at himself for hurting her. Slowly, his blade returned to its sheath. His eyes became a lighter shade of black as he took a claw and dug it into the palm of his hand, blood oozing from the wound.
"I don't want you to get hurt. Even if you are a bloodthirsty monster. You're still..." He trailed off, his eyes becoming distant and a deep red.

May 6th, 2004, 11:57 AM
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Lunaris smirked lightly, cocking her head at the trail of blood. It seemed to glow silver, unlike that of a human. She ran her finger over it, looking at it curiously as though she had never seen blood before. Without a second thought she licked her finger clean, standing calmly. She watched as drops of blood from his hand hit the ground, her curiousity peaking as she longed to continue her explaination of this strange phenominan. Her wings flexed behind her slightly, her wolflike ears twitching like seperate satelite dishes. She vanished in an instant, appearing beside him, his wounded hand clutched between hers. "Hmm?" She examined the blood that pooled there, cocking her head to one side as she ignored the possible danger of placeing herself so close to him. His blood was red, a fact that confused her to know end. Her tail twitched almost playfully as she raised a finger coated lightly in his blood to her lips. " Different......Then...Lunaris...." She said in a child like voice, her ears drooping slightly. "Why is you different?" She asked, not really expecting an awnser. Lunaris dipped her head, her thick bangs covering her eyes. " Sad..." She said. " Furries and Fleshies so sad....Furries make world better....Boy Furrie is more sadder though...Why is boy Furrie sad? Fleshies are bad...Fleshies must be nice..." She added, walking away from him. " All cute monsters are dying....Fleshies kill them....Fleshies try to kill Furries....Lunaris take Furries away from Fleshies to keep safe..." She smilied. Her features darkened slightly. " But Furries fill with hate...Furries want blood...Furries want planet to go away....So be do what Furries want....Furries are good....Lunaris ...is not Furrie....Lunaris....is..." She paused, her eyes quivering. " Lunaris is soul eater....Is Lunaris Bad?" She asked,Facing Takeda. Her sword dissapeared, her innocence gleaming purely.

May 6th, 2004, 3:13 PM
Takeda watched her dissappear, and dropped his head slightly when she reappeared at his side. He didn't take his hand from hers, instead, he let her examine him. She spoke, her voice as sweet as he ever heard.
" Different......Then...Lunaris...."
"Why is you different?"
" Sad..."
" Furries and Fleshies so sad....Furries make world better....Boy Furrie is more sadder though...Why is boy Furrie sad? Fleshies are bad...Fleshies must be nice..."
" All cute monsters are dying....Fleshies kill them....Fleshies try to kill Furries....Lunaris take Furries away from Fleshies to keep safe..."
" But Furries fill with hate...Furries want blood...Furries want planet to go away....So be do what Furries want....Furries are good....Lunaris ...is not Furrie....Lunaris....is... Lunaris is soul eater....Is Lunaris Bad?"
"I... am the one that is bad. You are the Scales. The Equalizer. You Are the one that is to judge the world... and if it is worth saving, you save it. I...
I am only a destroyer. A broken timebomb that has no will to destroy. But is programed to do just that. Kill. And only kill. You have transformed... Lunaris... my Faith." He began, taking a step back and falling to his knees, "I was only created to destroy the world. And you were created to finish my job. To do what I cannot. And... to destroy me. My blood runs red, and when you are not transformed, yours does too. We are both morphs. We both have the ability to transform. When we do transform, we have different blood. Yours is silver. Mine is black when I make my first transformation. But I have no second. That is why I am broken. Just as you search for souls to take in your form, I would kill anything in my wake in my form. Yet... I cannot become that. Something changed me long ago."
Takeda looked at her, smiling lightly as he closed his eyes and rose to his feet. Raising his hand infront of his face, he forced his claws to lengthen, his body radiating a tremendous energy and heat. The floor around him began to blacken as a tornado of fire formed around him, rising to conceal the man in its core. It grew larger, the flames coming with in inches of Lunaris before it stopped and began to die down. when the flames vanished, Takeda stood tall. His transformation complete, he was now a black Entei. The traditional colors were distorted, this red mask and gold crown becoming a polished silver, his brown fur a jet black, on his back, the small winglike protrusions became chibi steele wings. The ever present cloud turned black also, becoming his tail. On his paws, the metal claws that were present in his more human state were present instead of the iron shackles. He wasnt as big as the real Entei, but he was definatly a form of the legendary dog pokemon.
"I command the elements of fire and darkness. The black flames are my lifeblood, as well as my sword. The sky is no limit to my domain, and the sea bows to my crossing. At my command, the earth could be cleansed by holy flames... or purged by dare hellfire. Destruction is my art. And I have mastered that art."
He slunk to the ground, a small flame overcame him and he returned to his normal self. He rose weakly to his feet, a look of disgust in his eyes.
"And I cannot hold that form longer. That is where I failed. That is why they didn't kill me. And they thought you'd love me too. Keh. No... Lunaris. You are not bad unless you have a black heart. And you are too caring for that."
He looked into her eyes as best he would. The transformation had made things blurry. The tears he fought back didn't help much either. She was so pure and innocent. She loved everything. She didn't see that he was a waste of air and food. He sat there for a moment, thinking to himself.
"It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness..." he said softly, "Thank you for being that candle..."
He bowed to her before he turned to walk away. He had given them enough time... but he was still alive. He just hated fate sometimes.

May 8th, 2004, 9:51 AM
Lunaris stared at him, her eyes quivering slightly. "FIGHT ME!" She roared, appearing in front of him. " You say you evil! That untrue!If you evil, I kill you!" She snarled, tears forcing thier way out. She rushed forward, spinning in midair. Her wings glowed a celestial silver, spines of pure power shooting out at him. She stared down at him, a perfect circle of glowing spines formed around him. Every one had missed. Lunaris floated the ground, walking towards him, her head bowed. She looked up at him, stopping not even an icnh from him. " You are not bad...Koibito..."She whispered, kissing his full on the lips. Her power fluxuated, her wings shattering as her hair and body returned to normal.

May 8th, 2004, 11:04 AM
He cursed under his breath as she spoke. He was evil. He was created by evil, to do evil things. He was supposed to destroy every living pokemorph alive.
"Then kill me." He spoke as she attacked him.
His gaze was fixed on the ground, his eyes hazy with tears, their slate grey color reflecting the crumbled place he once called home. He never knew how much he missed the old days until he found her again. Until he found the reason he lived, all he saw was the translucent veil the world saw under. She approached him, her attack done, and kissed him. He stood there, motionless, as she returned to normal. Her wings shattered like bone china, the fur that covered her body vanishing to reveal the pure and silky skin he so longed to touch. Knowing that he was only a failure bore through him. Knowing that she was hurt by him made him hate himself more. Knowing that he would never get a chance to be what she needed made him weak. It made him cry. He had to be stronger. He had to prove he was worthy. Unfortunatly... His transformation took more from him than he thought.
"I can never be good enough for that... Faith..." He whispered back as his legs gave out.
His body fell to the ground like a marrionette who's strings were cut. Takeda eagerly welcomed the black out. He only wished he would never wake. His lips parted as the void took him in, a single word formed on his tongue.