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OOC: Ooh, ooh, I wanna join!

Name: Duc (my real name, can't think of anything else!)
Starting Pokmon: Pikachu
Status: Starting Pokmon trainer
Age: 10
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 80 lbs.
Hair: Black, style like that of Ash's but flatter
Eyes: Black, narrow like Ash's, wears glasses
Clothes: A red/white baseball cap with a small Pokball symbol, carpenter jeans, white t-shirt under blue vest, red gloves with no fingers, white running sneakers, a heavy-duty hiking backpack
Personality: Tries to be everything just like Ash (his idol), but a little less clumsy. Will try to avoid unnessesary battles, but will fight if forced
(I only can be on between 9:30AM and 10:00AM, then 12:00PM to 12:30 PM EST. If you can, please don't leave me out!)

IC: "Cool, a Pokmon battle!" Duc flies in with his dad on a Pidgiot. After saying goodbye, his dad flies off.

"I can't believe I'm in Pallet Town! I've just gotta see the Professor!"

After seeing the other trainers, he approached behind Thomas.
In the morning when you wake up, Open your eyes to a new day.
Look around at the gifts you've got. You've been so lucky along the way.
Time to finish what you've begun. Have the faith, you're the one.
Throw your hat high - up to the sun.

Now you face your greatest test. Use the lessons that you've learned.
Your goal is to be the best, And claim the prize that you've earned.
Ever since you were a young man, You've kept your eye on the master plan.
To reach for the top - and touch the sky.

It's your destiny,
To spread your wings and fly.

Pokémon: 2.B.A. Master - You Can Do It (If You Really Try)