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This post applies to an OLD version of the program only

Now it does even more: recompiles strings! I should have had this 2 days ago, but sourceforge didn't like the package.

@ D-Trogh:
It can decompile most scripts without problems, and makes a Clear Distinction between pause and pauseevent, while rubikon labels them as just pause *ambiguous*.
It also makes a distinction between msgbox (part of loadpointer) and message (something else to do with berry script, same effect).
And it doesn't forget to apply #org to any movement data. Shame on Rubikon!

@ Everyone!
UPDATE: Example script for storetext!
#org 0x6B09F8
checkflag 0xE000
if 0x1 jump 0x6b0C50
jump 0x6b0C30

#org 0x6B0B00
= Dude, where's my \v\h02?\p...

#org 0x6b0C00
= car

#org 0x6b0C10
= burrito of doom?!

#org 0x6b0c30
setflag 0xE000
storetext 0x0 0x86b0C00 'storetext 0x0 ADDR means store ADDR into \v\h02.
                        'likewise, storetext 0x1 ADDR means store ADDR into \v\h03.
                        'storetext 0x50 ADDR means store ADDR into \v\h52.
                        'Get it?
jump 0x6b0d00

#org 0x6b0c50
clearflag 0xE000
storetext 0x0 0x86b0c10
jump 0x6b0d00

#org 0x6b0d00
message 0x6B0B00
Now just assign some guy to 0x6B09F8 in advancemap, and he says:
* Dude, where's my car?
* Dude, where's my burrito of doom?
in an alternating pattern.

Edit #1 000 000 000 or something like that :D
Use storevar to store a var as text.
EG. If 0x800D contains 0xC, storevar 0x0 0x800D will store the text "12" into text-var \v\h02.
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