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Started by D-Trogh July 9th, 2008 4:28 AM
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Safari Game Special Pokémon Editor [SGPE]

This program lets you edit the Pokémon that appear randomly in Great Marsh (The Safari Game).

  • Suggestions are welcome..
  • Please report when you find any..

DOWNLOAD (MegaUpload) [Mirror @ PROMH]
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your too fast!
i can't even keep up with you because you make them in such little time.
i haven't tried it out yet, but i was wondering where the open button is(if there is one), or if it goes to the "select a file" screen like no$gba does.
and like before, I was wondering if there is a range of levels for the pokemon or are they always the same level? Lastly, if it changes what pokemon you find while fishing or surfing, you could be more specific to show which pokemon are obtainable through surfing or fishing?
you are a great programmer who releases tools too fast(which is good).
the only thing you have to worry about is a question asking what it does.
Well I can't talk anymore without repeating myself so...Best of luck D-trogh!
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Well.. I always tell what they do, and I'll always include a HowTo..
For the levels, they're not stored as the with the normal wild Pokémon, but when I have time I'll try to look if you can edit them.
There's no open button because when you open the tool, it directly asks for the NARC..
Archuleta Shuckle has some troubles with this, it doesn't seem to work on his computer.
I hope there are no other people having this problem, cause else I'll need to edit this and add a menu. =P
And well.. If I may believe the intarwobs, the Pokémon only appear in the grass, so ;)

Think I answered everything :)


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D- Trogh man
your really fast at making tools what could be next?
a trainer editor ?! that would be nice
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