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.:The Wonders of A-Text and unLZ:.

Hi. Welcome to my anthology of miniature tutorials, focusing on the many possibilities with only A-Text, unLZ GBA and possibly Paint. If you already know all of this, and think that I am pointing out the obvious, just walk along. Ignore me. Okay? Now, onto the (mini) tutorials... Oh, and one last thing, I'm using FireRed for all of these. Sorry, RS/E hackers...

Default Naming Options
Rivals Name:

You'll Need:
~ A-Text
~ A FireRed ROM

This tutorial will teach you how to edit the four default options for names for your RIVAL at the beginning of the game. You know, the GREEN, GARY, KAZ, TORU part? Yeah. Editing those four names.

1. Load your ROM in A-Text and open the Search Tool.

2. In the left textbox, enter your RIVAL's first name - GREEN (make sure it's in capital letters.)
2a. Yeah, for Green, Green Path/Pattern Bush will appear. We don't want that, though, do we? Nope. So we click the Resume button twice. Now back to step 3...
3. Once you've found the correct piece of text, click WRITE TO INI.

4. In the first textbox, type in, for example, Naming. Then, in the second one, entitled: Text Name (Enter), type in the name that you are editing (i.e. GREEN).

5. Repeat the above processes for the rest of the names (GARY, KAZ, TORU), but this time ignore step 2a.

6. Load your ROM in VBA and test it out! Here's my output from Kyanpu, my hack:

Player's Name:
You'll Need:
~ A-Text
~ A FireRed ROM

This tutorial will teach you how to edit the thirty-seven default names for the player - the ones you get if your say you've finished inputting your name and you've really just left it blank. Really, this is more of a resource than anything.

1. Repeat the steps done in the above tutorial, however, instead of just searching for the four default names (GREEN, GARY, KAZ and TORU), search for the thirty-seven(?) different names that the male and female character has, combined.

2. The list is as follows: HINT: If, for example, you have to scour through many different results with the same word/name in as the name you are trying to edit, go for the ones who's offsets begin with 1857.

  • FIRE
  • RED
  • ASH
  • HIRO
  • GEKI
  • JONN
  • JON
  • KAY
  • TOSH
  • MAX
  • KARL
  • JAK
  • KENE
  • ROAK

  • FIRE (Same as Boy, I presume)
  • RED (Same as Boy, I presume)
  • MOMO
  • OMI
  • KIKO
  • MINA
  • SAI
  • SUZI
  • JODI
  • SEDA
  • JUNE
  • REY
The Button Introduction
You'll need:
~ unLZ GBA
~ A-Text
~ A FireRed ROM
~ The BIK (Button Intro Kit):

You know RIGHT at the beginning of the game, the game explains the controls... for the GBA? Well, we aren't playing on the GBA, are we? So we need to edit the controls to suit our keyboard... don't we? Well, reading this tutorial may solve your problem! Read on...

1. Load your ROM in unLZ GBA. Check Black and White Mode and go to ~335. To tell if you're at the right place, look for this:

2. Using the +/- Option, adjust the image to look like this:

3. Import the BIK and write it to the ROM.

4. Close unLZ GBA - the file shouldn't be too big.

5. Load your ROM in A-Text. Open up the Search Tool and, ocne again, in the left hand side box, type in what you want to change in the text for the intro - I typed in the explanation of L/R, which is now going to be changed to A/S. Also, I wrote the part where they mention the word button or press to the INI to change to key and push.

6. Just as before, choose a name for the Section Name and type in something for the Text Name part, too.

7. Get to the text which you want to edit and edit away.
7a. If you edit the L/R part, remeber to shorten it to two lines of length. For some reason, if you just keep it as a three-liner, it put the red-arrow thing after the text, and you can't view anymore of it. I shortened it to say:
If you need help playing the game, push the A or S keys.

And, to finish off, here's a few unLZ GBA offsets:
- 1695 - Bag (Male)
- 1696 - Bag (Female)
- 2009 - Titlescreen Text - Pokémon FireRed Version
- 2011 - Charizard (Titlescreen)
- 2013 - Press Start, (C) 2004 GAMEFREAK
- 191 - Worldmap -gulp-
Sorry, I know it's not much. Feel free to ask questions.
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