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Team name:
Project Tohoku
Team Leader:
Java's Missingno.
Current Members:
  • Java's Missingno. - Programmer
  • Kevinburglar - Programmer
  • shiniren - Programmer
  • KingCharizard - Programmer
  • Phoenix of Chaos - Musician
  • Anubus - Concept Artist
Current Game title:
Pokemon: Radiant Sunrise
Current progress made:
I'm pretty much at less than 1%. I have ideas of what needs to be done, and can do anything myself that no one wants to do. I'd really like help so that I don't have to, but like I said, I can finish it all if need be
Positions wanted:
  • Interface designer - someone willing to draw rough drafts of the menus and the like.
  • Map designer - someone to draw rough draft maps for me to use as references when making them in 3d in Unity
  • Musician -any musical works to spice up the game would be nice
Central Standard Time(GMT-6)
Preferred Method of contact:
You can contact me on MSN at [email protected] or through PM, but I don't check hotmail's actual inbox very often.