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Team name:
Project Tohoku
Team Leader:
Java's Missingno.
Current Members:
  • Java's Missingno. - Programmer
  • Kevinburglar - Programmer
  • shiniren - Programmer
  • KingCharizard - Programmer
  • Phoenix of Chaos - Musician
  • Anubus - Concept Artist
Current Game title:
Pokemon: Radiant Sunrise
Current progress made:
I'm pretty much at less than 1%. I have ideas of what needs to be done, and can do anything myself that no one wants to do. I'd really like help so that I don't have to, but like I said, I can finish it all if need be
Positions wanted:
  • Interface designer - someone willing to draw rough drafts of the menus and the like.
  • Map designer - someone to draw rough draft maps for me to use as references when making them in 3d in Unity
  • Musician -any musical works to spice up the game would be nice
Central Standard Time(GMT-6)
Preferred Method of contact:
You can contact me on MSN at [email protected] or through PM, but I don't check hotmail's actual inbox very often.

Currently working on UNITE. Will create a thread when a playable demo is out.
If you're wondering where I've been, don't worry about it too much. I'm doing some serious transitioning in my life in terms of my personal projects and education.