Thread: [Hack of the Year] Nomination Round Results - 2010
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I didn't even noticed that the HotY already started.
I guess I need to thank the guy who informed me on YouTube.

Wow... Even though on hold, a lot of pipz still love LoG... =/
Just so everyone knows, I just recently started doing some updates on it.

Anyway, I don't understand the 'Best Gameplay' category, wherein Light Platinum is the third, yet it indicates that it is tied, but, it's the only hack on the third place of that category... =/

Also, I wish good luck to every candidates of this year's HotY~

Quote originally posted by starterra:
Aw, so Super Rising Thunder didn't get anything?!

I love that hack as well.
Super Rising Thunder reached third place in the 'Best Storyline' category.

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