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Hello there!

Today, I want to present my first tool. I hope you like it ;D

Technical data:
  • Name: Multichoice editor
  • Creator: javi4315 (me xD)
  • Languaje: Español/English
  • version: 1.0
  • Functionality: Fire red
What is Multichoice editor?

Simply, this tool is used to edit the options of fire red's multichoices. Maybe, someone asks: "What is a multichoice?". Okay, this is a multichoice:

The options of the multichoices can be changed with some Hex editor, but really you like do it? Are you sure? See:

Have yo changed your mind? xD. Okay, now, using this tool, everything can be summarized in:

Okay, this is my tool. I am not a professional but I try do something interesting ;D

I mean something. Also, you need XSE by hackmew (or other script editor) to compile the new texts.


Megaupload -

*NOTE: I think it is possible to put direct donwload's links here. If I'm wrong, tell me.


How to change multichoice's options.

With this tool, you can change the options easily.

First, you must open Multichoice editor. Now, go to editor and find a multichoice that you like. For example, I will choose the namber 22, this:

It has three options (Fresh water, soda pop and exit). Now, you must open XSE and compile the new texts. In my case, I will compile three new texts: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So I will compile this in XSE:

#dynamic 0x800000

#org @text1
= Monday

#org @text2
= Tuesday

#org @text3
= Wednesday

XSE should display the offsets. In my case, are this:


As the multichoice has three optiones (in my case), I have only put these offsets in the first three holes in the editor (important: The offsets must be prefixed with 08). So would be:

1. 08800050
2. 08800059
3. 08800063

And only need to click "edit". E voila, multichoice's options are changed:

This is my tool. I hope you like it, and comment! xD.


PS: Remember, my first tool

[Credits: Darthatron
Special thanks: Gut_bro and Rey boo]
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My english is very bad, I know. Sorry! xD
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