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Quote originally posted by Kura:
New picturetime~

Captain Fabio and I at Clifton taken the other week. There was this really nice pub there where we went for a drink around lunchtime and enjoyed the view :3

AWWWAWAWWAWAW YOU BOTH LOOK ADORABLE! You two look like boyfriend and girlfriend in that picture and I find that so funny. Maybe because it's almost 5 AM.

Quote originally posted by Jek:

Me with my friend. It was taken in Dubai. I'm the one seemingly holding the camera (left guy).

I hope you don't take offense to this but you have a resemblance to Darren Criss.

Quote originally posted by Toujours:
I got a new dress and wanted to post some pictures of me in it since I've been talking about it in IRC for a while now :3


Don't mind my ghetto neighborhood in the first one, hahaha.

I saw this on Facebook and wanted to like it but I decided against it because you have a boyfriend.

Quote originally posted by Kanto_Johto:
Eh, why not?

Me a few days ago:


Me about half an hour ago:


I desperately need to shave my 'beard'.

Also, everyone on PC is so good looking! I've never seen such an attractive forum.

You look totally the same in both pictures! I've never seen anything like that before. Except for the shirt. I highly encourage you to not where the shirt in the second picture again and instead donate it to Goodwill and hope an elderly woman finds them. And I say this with love, not to be mean I promise!

Quote originally posted by Kaori:
Touj, I want your boots. Please?

Putting in some ugly in the forumz just for you Kanto_Johto!

Shinny, you look like you belong on the Disney channel in this picture! I say that as a complement in that you look like you should be on a TV show, but I don't know how you'll respond to it because Disney channel isn't what it used to be.