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So I can't seem to make a door event work correctly...
The overall idea ist this:
should be an image, but it won't let me, so...

I want "Doorstopper" to move either by talking to him before entering "Frontdoor" or by using "Backdoor".
Then after the player moved through, "Doorstopper" should reacquire his original position.

The respective events are as follows:
(by the way, is there a way to copy events to text? because it's really annoying like this)
(should be links, but it won't let me, so...)
"Doorstopper" (
"Frontdoor" (
"Backdoor" (

And I implemented them following the examples:
"Test Map 2, EV022" (
"Test Map, EV026" (

(On a side note: Why the heck do you need 15 posts to make links and images work?!)

Problem1: How can I "reset" "Doorstopper" after moving him back to his original position?
The current temporary solution with "Self Switch A" obviously cannot be accessed from outside.
But if I use, say, a global flag, then for whatever reason I cannot seem to make "Doorstopper" look down again.

Ideally, there would be a method of testing whether an event's location accords with some coordinates. That would allow me to reset "Self Switch A". Is there such a method?
And if there is not, how should I go about the problem?

Problem2: Why isn't "Frontdoor" triggering when using "Backdoor"?
If I use the "Frontdoor", everything except "Problem1" is working as it should.
However, when I use the "Backdoor", the event simply does not trigger ... in spite of my having it implemented pretty much exactly like in the example.

Any help with this would be appreciated.
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