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  • Hey, umm idk if it's related to the new update but I get this message when trying to play
    Script 'PokemonLoad' line 352: RuntimeError occurred. scss

    Hopefully there's a fix to where my data isn't gone :|
    I'll post it here. My question is regarding both the LTS and the Pokemon Fitness Mechanic. Is there a sure way to calculate the EVS i'm getting from Pokemon Fitness and for the LTS i was wondering if there's any way Trading online would ever be possible. I'm very new to the game and would like to be able to play it with my buddies
    A quick note your article has 650 views thus far, nice work! Hopefully that'll continue to grow steadily!
    My scripts/tutorials for Pokémon Essentials.

    New features:
    - Early Evolution
    - Trade Evolution Stone
    - Time of Day Introduction
    - Team Preview
    - Simple HUD
    - Poké Tetra minigame
    - Triple Triad Booster Pack
    - Punch Bag Game
    - Family Tree
    - Character Selection
    - Ball Catch Game
    - Advanced Pokédex
    - Set the Controls Screen
    - Type Quiz
    - Turn HM moves into items
    - Game Over
    - Random Egg Generator
    - Single Screen Day-Care Checker Item
    - TM shop with compatible icons
    - Egg Sprite per Group

    Existing features on official games:
    - Show Species Introduction
    - Set the Time
    - Roaming Icon on Map
    - Wall Clock
    - Watch in the Pokégear Menu
    - Roulette Game
    - Difficulty Modes
    - Pokémon Selection (similar to Stadium/Battle Tower)
    - Diploma
    - Unreal Time System

    - Upgradeable Maps
    - Near-Universal TMs
    - Pokémon Files by Numbers
    - Trainers' Species Usage
    - Encounter Alias
    - Random Item/Pokémon Helper
    - Item Ball Printer

    If any of these doesn't work on latest Essentials version, please inform on its thread.

    This list doesn't include some deprecated/old scripts.
    Hey FL, I just saw your pokemon choosing script and wanted to use it in the game I'm making, while crediting you obviously, but I had one question: is there a way to make it so you can only choose pokemon from one region? Like: for one battle you can only use pokemon from generation 1 and for the next battle you can only choose from gen 3 pokemon
    Hello. I've been wondering how I can put a simple clock in a corner of the Pause Menu. I copied and pasted some scripts parts but I can't do anything. Can you help me, please?
    Hello i use yor script of character selection and i have a problem is not a error message, when i choose another character nothing happens i still have the same overworld sprite.
    Vc sabe como colocar a ativação do evento não só com o Pokémon, mais sim com sua forma?

    Acho que estou entendendo outra coisa, melhor manda uma print do que tenho que fazer, me diga o que ta errado (Lembrando que eles tem que voltar ao normal ao usar o item)
    eu fui colocar a "case"(next x if ) que sugeriu e deu o seguinte:
    Além da segunda linha de transformação(Form 20 para Form 21), ele faz com que a forma anterior(Form 20) vire da primeira linha(Form 0)

    Sobre o HUD Verifiquei e era mesmo, coloquei seus créditos na descrição no video, se quiser posso deixa ou remove.
    o MYSTICWATER2 seria um tipo de item como "REVEALGLASS"

    Uma duvida besta, o ternário é isso aqui?
    "(pokemon.form==0) ? 1 : 0"

    e valeu pela opinião do video.:15::15::15::15::15::15::15::)
    Acho que errei aqui,tentei aqui horas e agora não consigo mais desativar a transformação.
    O que tenho que modificar aqui?
    Tá tendo um erro.
    Quando o Pokemon (Form=20) vira Pokemon (Form=21), ele volta ao normal quando uso o item,mais quando o Pokémon Pokemon (Form=0) vira Pokemon (Form=3), ele se transforma no Pokemon (Form=20) após usa o item.

    Dados do PItem_ItemEffects
    if (isConst?(pokemon.species,PBSpecies,:TREECKO) ||
    isConst?(pokemon.species,PBSpecies,:TREECKO) && pokemon.form==20) && pokemon.hp>=0
    pokemon.form=(pokemon.form==0) ? 3 : 0 && pokemon.form=(pokemon.form==20) ? 21 : 20
    scene.pbDisplay(_INTL("{1} changed Attribute!",pokemon.name))
    next true
    scene.pbDisplay(_INTL("It had no effect."))
    next false

    Dados do Pokemon_MultipleForms
    next 3 if isConst?(pokemon.item,PBItems,:MYSTICWATER2) && pokemon.form&2==0
    next 21 if isConst?(pokemon.item,PBItems,:MYSTICWATER2) && pokemon.form&2==20
    next 0 if pokemon.form%2==3
    next 20 if pokemon.form%2==21
    next [100,180,160,90,150,90] if pokemon.form==3
    next [100,180,160,90,150,90] if pokemon.form==21
    next getID(PBTypes,:WATER) if pokemon.form%2==3 # Wash, Washing Machine
    next getID(PBTypes,:WATER) if pokemon.form%2==21 # Wash, Washing Machine
    Aproveitando, quero tira outra duvida, é possível que um Pokémon com duas formas utilize o mesmo item para vira outras formas? Se for, sabe como?
    mais de uma forma,é que tentei coloca uma virgula(&& CHANGE_INTO_POKEMON_VARIABLE_NAME.form == 20,21) mais buga.
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