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Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
Great Tutorial PokemonShinySilver! :)

This really brings us closer to 5th Gen Rom Hacking. But, I still think it's quite complicated... xD
Thanks! ^^

I guess you could say that it's complicated when you first look at it. xD However, if you actually try it out... you might become skillful with Nintendo DS ROMs in no time. ;) Remember, the more you try things out... the more you'll learn from them. :)

'Cause that's exactly how I got to learn how to do stuff... was by simply trying out new things, asking others about where and how to edit stuff... and yeah I was interested in NDS ROM hacking right from when I first joined this forum. ^^

But hey, I'm still learning... 'cause I'd never stop learning new things, same goes for everyone. xD

And whenever I find out how to do certain things on Nintendo DS hacking, I would immediately start typing up a tutorial on how to do so, so it can educate anyone who is new to NDS ROM hacking.

Btw, am I really the first to actually change a map on a 5th generation ROM? 'Cause I really haven't seen anyone else posting anything about changing maps in B/W/B2/W2, I've only seen a map hack in Diamond... but that's it. So yeah, I've actually posted a video on a map that I implemented into a Pokémon Black Version 2 ROM, and guess what the map resembles?
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