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Originally Posted by Naruto200 View Post know, there's a little side thing in Black 2 that's basically what you're after.

It's in Humilao City. The last house on the piers before you enter route 22 has an old lady and an overworld version of Man-fo.

She asks you if you will walk her little Man Fo, and if you say yes the Man Fo follows you around inside the house.
So I say find out what's going on in that data, find how to port it to other games, and presto.
Well see, we already have semi-working Follow Me scripts for walking and running and all those basic movements. The problem is with warping, surfing, biking, flying, etc. Maybe warping is used in that specific script, but other than that it would be useless.
We're not that far into NDS hacking that we can simply borrow data from B/W's scripts as well. Look how advanced we are at 3rd Gen hacking, yet we can't do this script just yet.

I'll try and look into this a little more and help everyone out. I'm a noob when it comes to hexing and assembly, but it wouldn't hurt.
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