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Originally Posted by FL . View Post
I agree (at least for now). Another alternative is to put all overworld sprite in a room like Union Room, but I prefer your idea.

I disagree about EXP and EVs (and maybe money). The GSC Trainer House and RSE Secret Bases allow to gain these things and are the best locations for training. I suggest you to, at least, make a setting.
Union Room-style should be easy enough, except for allowing the player to choose which trainers to be visible. A player could have a hundred trainer files at once, which means there would need to be some way of filtering them in order to decide which ones appear - the player would need to do this anyway, so why not just go for the GSC Trainer House-style?

I just don't think this feature is supposed to be used for training. It'd certainly be easy to set up pushover parties to allow grinding (Gyarados with Splash, etc.), and it would keep the player there rather than playing the game.

Players will not be able to battle versions of themselves, because that's some kind of paradox.
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