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I'd actually like to enter Cave of Illusions from Dark Energy to this but as the general idea is to make a good-looking map, it doesn't stand against (literally) anything on that aspect.

Ah, whatever! I'll just show you what that cave is like:




There are "three types" of maps in this cave; ones that look like #1, ones that look like #2 and one #3. Just ignore how the graphics aren't displayed right in #3.

But the idea goes like this; every map of type #1 is connected to four sides like shown in the screenshot and #2 and #3 only upwards.

There are two entrances in the cave and you'll have to "figure out" (not really) the way to get to the other entrance. As an example, with some map of type #1 there, if you walk upwards from the uppest part of the map (through map connection), you actually end up in the lowest part of it in the same map and that loop takes place over and over again until you choose to go either down, left or right ending up somewhere else.

In my personal opinion, the funny thing here is that thinking logically makes no sense here. If you start in room of type #1, take a turn right, then up, then left, and then down (by always being in room of type #1 there), you will not end up in the same map you started with.

But nah, never mind my "map" here.
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