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Quote originally posted by hansiec:
Looks good!

Looks like you've used my idea of marshaling a pokemon for storage

But I am sure you thought up of it :p
I assure you, it was an independent idea. I was inspired by how animations (which are classes just like Pokémon) are extracted to text tiles, and pretty much copied its code.

Quote originally posted by Rayd12smitty:
Hey Maruno quick question. Obviously the pokemon.txt was edited to add 5th gen pokemon. Were any of the entries of gen 1-4 pokemon edited? Just last week I went through and added my regional numbers for 285 pokemon, and really don't want to have to redo all of them.
As far as I recall, all I've done was remove the FormNames= line for Arceus.

Quote originally posted by Derxwna Kapsyla:
I figured out what was wrong with the Mystery Gift script (If people were having issues with it like I was)
There was a typo at line 371, it should say
if pbAddPokemonSilent(gift[2])
Instead of saying
if pbAddPokemonySilent(gift[2])

Figured i'd inform people
Oh, FFS. Maybe I'm dyslexic after all.

I've re-uploaded v11 again with this fix.
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