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Originally Posted by hansiec View Post
Looks good!

Looks like you've used my idea of marshaling a pokemon for storage

But I am sure you thought up of it :p
I assure you, it was an independent idea. I was inspired by how animations (which are classes just like Pokémon) are extracted to text tiles, and pretty much copied its code.

Originally Posted by Rayd12smitty View Post
Hey Maruno quick question. Obviously the pokemon.txt was edited to add 5th gen pokemon. Were any of the entries of gen 1-4 pokemon edited? Just last week I went through and added my regional numbers for 285 pokemon, and really don't want to have to redo all of them.
As far as I recall, all I've done was remove the FormNames= line for Arceus.

Originally Posted by Derxwna Kapsyla View Post
I figured out what was wrong with the Mystery Gift script (If people were having issues with it like I was)
There was a typo at line 371, it should say
if pbAddPokemonSilent(gift[2])
Instead of saying
if pbAddPokemonySilent(gift[2])

Figured i'd inform people
Oh, FFS. Maybe I'm dyslexic after all.

I've re-uploaded v11 again with this fix.