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OMFG? Guess what! I finished my pokemon black run! oh yes it was too damn easy! :D

Here is the adventure.


Final team:

Level 74. Levitate. @N/A.
Volt Switch - Acrobatics - Crunch - Dragon Tail.

Level 78. Chlorophyll. @Miracle Seed.
Giga Drain - Petal Dance - Sunny Day - Sleep Powder.

Level 73. Limber. @Soft Sand.
Surf - Bulldoze - Bounce - Thunderbolt.

Level 76. Mummy. @Spell Tag.
Shadow Ball - Hex - Haze - Will-o-Wisp.

Level 78. Moxie. @ Blackglasses.
Crunch - Foul Play - Outrage - Earthquake.

Level 78. Unburden. @Scope Lens.
Slash - Night Slash - Shadow Claw - Fake Out.