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We probably all have things we do and don't want to see in the next generation of Pokemon games. Here are some of mine.

- Traveling to other regions. I don't expect this since the makers will likely want to save thee improved adaptations for their own remake release, such as generation 3. Still, I can dream. I still love and have fond memories of being able to travel from Jouto to Kantou in GSC.

- I want a critical hit to double the stats' current power, i.e. applying the reductions the said Pokemon may have received (currently, even if the Pokemon's stats have been reduced in battle, a critical hit ignores the reduction and doubles the attack's original strength).

-Bring back HGSS's thing about letting a Pokemon walk outside the ball with you.

- I also like the idea of what HGSS had with the events contest thing where you had to race and do other physical challenges with your Pokemon. It seemed like a fun side quest that had a different flavor than the normal travel and battle-thing.

- I want night time to make things look dark again. Night time in BW doesn't really even look like night anymore. I liked it back in GSC.

- Bring back the secret area thing from RSE.

- I'd like to see more stuff focusing on the bond and building friendship between the player and his/her Pokemon. There's really not much in the games other than doing little impersonal things that raises the happiness level and then you get the point where it likes you as much as it ever will.

- Continuing to improve on the trainer and each Pokemon's individuality, customizability, and uniqueness would be nice.

- Finding a way to make things less stat-focused and more effort-focused would be nice too. Don't take the stat thing out, just have less emphasis on it.
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