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Hello, and welcome to the lore thread for my Genshin Impact alterative universe. I cannot promise this will be short, as there is a lot to go over. None of this in particular is spoilers for my fanfiction, but is an explanation of the lore behind chimeras, why they exist in this au verse of Genshin, and how they differ from chimeras in other franchises. This thread is just a comprehensive look into the lore I've had privately written thus far.

I don't have any trigger warnings, but there is a lot to go into reading this. This will not be written in prose format, but rather a worldbuilding summary thread. I have an outdated chimera lore carrd that some of this information will be taken from, but expanded since then. Keep in mind that this carrd is pretty old and from 2021 when I first started crafting this complicated lore.

Important facts I want people to remember will be bolded to stand out.

Let's begin:

What are chimeras?

Chimeras are human-like "people" that appear human on the outside, but they are anything but. Chimeras are a race of creatures whose bloodlines were fused with animal dna with the Khaenri'an alchemy art known as Khemia. Khemia is a form of alchemy that is known to create life itself, but who is to say that is the only thing Khemia is capable of doing?

Using this alchemy with animal DNA in in a vial through interjection, human bodies at the time were thus tampered with, changing the DNA within bloodlines permanently until these bloodlines die out. To put it simply, chimeras are "animal people". If you need a comparison to what I took slight inspiration from, think of human chimeras from Full Metal Alchemist. Or, maybe think of Moe anthropomorphism.

The degree of tampering is split into three tiers, the higher the tier the chimera is, the more tampered with their dna was during the experimentation was on their bodies. The tiers will be explained below.

No two chimera families are the same. A majority of them have the ability to transform parts of their body into the animal their dna corresponds to. But, not all can, as some's animal traits are permanently present on their partially human person, which will be explained in full detail in the tier section below.

But the TL;DR: chimeras are a race of creatures with human appearing bodies on the outside, but animal DNA on the inside. They are basically "animal people" who are partially animal, partially human.

I should stress this, by the way, that none of the other animal people in Genshin such as Diona or Gorou are a part of this lore. They are not chimeras. My lore is entirely separate and those animal people and my chimeras are different entities entirely. (In other words, I don't and will not force my lore on canon characters).

The Lore/Origin of Chimeras

Chimeras came into being around 520 years ago, and ~20 years before the Catacylsm. A rogue scientist who fused their blood with the blood of a dragon known as Flosshilde (*Not a canon character within the genshin universe, but a character within my lore in this au only.) had gotten their hands on animal dna, inserting it into vials, and had gotten increasingly curious: what would happen if they used the art of alchemy to fuse the DNAS of animals into people? Thirsting for answers, the scientist had begun to find "vessels" to start experimenting on. The Chimera Project, had thus, begun.

Coming across a family of immortals dying from an illness, in an ancient civilization, the scientist's first experiments began. One immortal being immune to the illness, Ezrek, the person had been fused with the dna of a snake, however, the experiment was a failure snake DNA going to the arms and legs instead of throughout the entire body, as well as the snake DNA not reversing the effects of the immortal killing illness, the scientist soon moved on back to their birthplace of Khaenri'ah temporarily, the underground nation for another idea: what if they fused the sacred snake dna of Jormungandr within someone's brain? Coming across the perfect family, the Pictiur family within the nation of Khaenri'ah, the scientest came up with a proposal: creating a chimera through conception by injecting the DNA through an embryo cell. Family of four agreeing to the idea, the experiments had started. Interjecting the bodies with the DNA of a lynx, as well as the unborn children inside the mothers, nine months of interjecting lynx DNA within the families bodies, and the unborn children became the Pictiur's lives.

During this time, as the children had continued to form, Flosshilde had found the perfect specimen for the Jormunandr dna infusion. Infusing the sacred snake DNA within on the unborn Pictiur children, the experiment had been completed. Born shortly after, Naofa and its cousins had joined the world as the first born chimeras. But, this experiment had not been the last one Flosshilde had wanted to conduct. Slowly becoming more curious and power hungry, the scientist brought their experiments elsewhere. Wanting to use the alchemy further, more sinister questions had begun to form within their mind, such as: what would happen if they interjected ten different animals DNAs into one vessel? Recalling past adversaries in the Ingne family, a wife and husband with purple and green hair researching immortality at the time, the ten DNA experiment started. Nine different DNAs interjected into the brain, and hyena DNA in the body, another bloodline had been changed forever.

But this experiment was not enough. Wanting to fuse more people with multiple DNAs, the scientist set their sights on past adversaries. Three more families with the multi DNA experiments done on them, six families now had their bloodlines become chimeras forevermore. Moving on without being stopped, 14 more families had their DNAs tampered with. As the 20th experiment had been completed, however, Celestia had become aware of these actions.

Thinking that the scientist actions had gone against them, Celestia had ordered Flosshilde's extermination from the world of Teyvat. Taken to an old battleground known as Thousand Wind Temple in present Teyvat, a dragon killing elixir had been fed to the scientist. Dragon blood becoming poisoned, the scientist perished within an instant.

Experiments coming to an end, using khemia to tamper with the DNA of humans had become a forbidden art.

In present day, the twenty chimera families live on, five generations later trying to blend into society as best they can. Some are thriving, but many are suffering. Some have chosen to hide from humanity, but many live within Teyvat, trying to keep their animal transformations under control. Some have ambitions and obtain Visions, while others do not.

How Chimeras Transform

Transforming body parts into the animal the DNA corresponds into is not as simple as just doing it. For a chimera to transform, a chimera must first close their eyes. Basically, thinking, "I want to transform <this body part> into my <animal body part>. The human body part will be replaced with the body part of the animal.

But in cases of body parts a person does not have, such as a tail, or wings it will appear in the same way. Reversing the transformation is as simple as closing the eyes again. This is, however, not the only way for a chimera to transform.

For some chimeras, extreme emotions will cause the body to transform independent of themselves , but a chimera can learn to control this phenomenon as they get older. But, this differs from every chimera. Siorc, for example cannot control when his animal limbs transform through extreme emotions. Thus, his hyena limbs and tail will sometimes pop out at random beyond his control. And some chimeras animal parts appear in extreme conditions and temperatures.

Although, not all chimeras can transform. Some chimeras animal parts are always present on their person, and not all chimeras have the same transformations as it depends on the individual. There being twenty families, and twenty different types of animals these families are fused with, each person is different.

The Tiers.

There are three chimera tiers, all in the degree of how much the original bloodlines were tampered with. The higher the number of the tier, the more tampered with this bloodline was. Starting with...

Tier 1 Chimeras.

Tier 1 chimeras are chimeras whose bodies were only slightly tampered with using about 33% of the vial created through Khemia. These chimeras have no ability to transform as their animal traits and parts are always visible on their partially human person, similar to the Katzlein bloodline. However, their brains are not fully stable, and will sometimes or for the most part, act like the animal their DNA corresponds to, but for some tier one chimeras, some of these animal traits are worse than the regular animal.

Ie: Nousagi, a rabbit chimera, cannot get too lonely, because as the saying goes "rabbits die if they get lonely", so their unstable brain will cause them to hallucinate when alone.

Or Yinlong, a panda chimera being chronically lazy because pandas are seen as lazy animals.

Tier 2 Chimeras

Tier 2 chimeras are chimeras whose bodies were moderately tampered with using about 50% of the vial created through the art of Khemia during the Chimera Project. These chimera's DNAs and bloodlines are a little more unstable than tier 1. But, due to more vial having been injected into the body, these chimeras can hide and transform their animal body parts at will. They can blend normally in society, and their brains do not contain the DNA of any other animal.

Tier 3 Chimeras

Tier 3 chimeras are chimeras whose bodies were severely tampered with as well as have been fused with two or sometimes even more DNAS between three different DNAs to a maximum of ten. With one or two animal DNAs in the body, and several within the family's DNA "punnit square". However, these experiments caused the animal DNA to spread throughout the entire body and into internal organs making some of these chimera's internal organs partially human, and partially the animal their DNA corresponds with in an even 50/50 split. Their brains are often a different animal entirely in the center of the brain that the bloodline cycles through the generations. So, only one DNA will be at the brain at a time. The center of the brain will not be a human brain, but part of the animal brain. However, the brain is half the animal, half human brain. Most of the time, the animal brain will be the partial brain of a predator animal, but each tier 3 chimera has one prey animal DNA. But, it is the rarest to cycle to.

The predator brain center will remain off in adulthood if a tier 3 chimera is raised with love and care. However, Abuse, mistreatment, or head trauma will activate this predator brain this will cause changes to the tier 3 chimera and will make them dangerous. And reversing this from happening can only be done so through love, and care, with the exception of extreme head trauma, in which, it is permanently irreversible. Should it be too late for someone to intervene with love and care, the other case will also be irreversible.

Depending on the circumstance, tier 3 chimeras are highly dangerous, some are even poisonous due to the animal their bodies were fused with, but these chimeras have gone into hiding.

Some exceptions within some families.

There are only a few chimeras that can transform their entire bodies below their neck into a chimera, and three of these four are tier three chimeras. There is, however, one chimera family in tier 2 that can transform their entire lower body into their animal as well as shrink their body down to the size of said animal. This was known the rat race experiment. But, for the most part, most chimeras, regardless of tier, can only transform some of their body, and have characteristics of the animal that they are on their physicals body.

Which Families Are In Which Tier?

There are twenty chimera families as I have stated above. For further reading, I encourage people to read up on them in my chimera oc thread.

The tier 1 chimeras are: the Jinzi family, the Hougo family, the Saber family, the Razem family, the Afstand family, the Luge family, and the Hakimi family. Tier one is the slightly more common chimera tier.

The tier 2 chimeras are: the Gefroren family, the Truand family, the Voilé family, the Kawu family, the Zàvod family, the Tüzes family, the Bulles family, and the Baise family. This tier would be considered the most common of the three.

The tier 3 chimeras are: the Casúr family, the Ingne family, the Fráma family, the Pictiúr family, and the Píosa family. These families last names are all Irish on purpose because it is meant to represent a metaphor of hammering a picture to the wall. As all of these words have to do with a picture frame. But Piosa is to represent the missing piece. The secret metaphor goes like this Hammer (Casur) a nail (Ingne) into the frame (Frama) and the Picture (Pictiur) shall show the truth. For a full explanation, read the Siorc entry in the oc thread.

Chimera mating (dumbed and watered down with "cute" and sanitized sfw words"

When chimeras...mate, there is a 1 in 5 chance for a human to become a chimera through..."the nsfw s word". When this happens, the person will not pass on their ruined DNA to their children. However, a naturally born chimera, their children will be a chimera no matter what. No exceptions to be had whatsoever.

I will say it is more likely for a female born chimera to have her partner become a chimera through....nsfw s word. But it is still only a 20% chance. Some families are immune to passing on their chimera dna through... s word...

But chimeras...doing it... will always result in a baby chimera being born.

If two chimeras are it.... the nsfw s word... whichever one of the dnas within the... nsfw s that travels through the nsfw female e word is the dominant one will be what the chimera will be. However, two chimeras mating/having children is a less than 1% chance of occurring in this generations (because all the chimeras dating each other at the moment are the same... you know.... mlm, wlw.

...Anyway, moving on!

(god, end me, I tried making it at sanitized as possible and not saying the s word)

Chimera Traditions/Laws.

When a female chimera gets married, she keeps her birth last name to ensure the bloodline does not fade into obscurity. This is done so she remains within the same family name. Male chimeras marrying if marrying a female, they can choose to take on their husband's last name, if they wish.

It is against chimera law, however to tell your children the origins of where chimeras come from, and most chimeras have formed a contract with Rex Lapis to not tell their children about the truth, or to wait until they are adults to do so. It is believed that telling chimeras the truth of their bodies will lead to suicides, as it has happened to some chimeras in the past.

Transforming in public within some families is frowned upon due to the mothers and fathers fearing harassment from the humans around them. It is not forbidden altogether; it is just heavily discouraged to do so. But as stated above, not all chimeras can control when parts of their bodies transform from human to the corresponding animal. Some of the families do not particularly care about this rule, though, and let their children transform whenever.

Different families have different traditions that only extend to that specific family.

Breaking down specific traditions within the specific chimera families.

For chimeras born in Liyue (The JInzi and Baise families), they follow a different tradition in naming their children after mythological beasts. Every chimera that was born, or started in Liyue has the name of a mythological creature (in Chinese).

The Ingnes however, are an extremely traditional family with several traditions passed on for the past five hundred years. For starters, the Ingnes believe in the practice of naming their children after the brain their DNA corresponds to and is a tradition they never break. This family also always get their children's ears pierced at around the age of four or five. So, every single child born within the Ingne family will have earrings.

But the traditions get more complicated in that they all have to marry either people within the same family (ie inlaws) or a person with green or purple hair/green purple eyes. This family wants to stay the same forever and does not wish for other hair colors or eye colors to mix into their bloodline. This, sometimes unfortunately, leads to the Ingne children to be double cousins, but not always.

Some foods in this family are special as well, such as Barbatos Ratatouille. This family in general is extremely traditional.

The Casur family has a naming tradition in naming their children after various different meanings of the word grey. It is unknown when this tradition started, but the Casurs still follow it to this day as seen with the current known ones in Liath and Gris.

The Frama family has a naming tradition in naming their children after types of frames used for pictures, or materials used for frames. This can be seen in all the current Frama children known such a Garran (wood), Ceir (wax), Marble (self explanatory), Glione (glass) and Miotal (metal) all types of materials used on picture frames from time to time.

Sumeru chimeras seem to follow a naming tradition in naming their children around the concept of their children completing some sort of sentence. (The Hakimi and Saber families) For example "Parisa" and "Riyad" being "Fairy-like" and "a garden" and the other Sumeru chimeras names meaning "violet flower" and "an orchard" which in a way, could be "a violet flower in an orchard".

While a majority of the Fontaine chimeras names are French words (the Bulles family, for example). (Robin an Raven excluded). But, this if anything, is a cultural thing rather than a "tradition".

The Piosa family have naming tradition in naming their children after pieces of fabric. Soei, Velrous and Olann are all types of fabric, but the French words for them.

The Geforen family name their children after royalty titles. For example: Kaiser means emperor in German, Konig means king in German. But some double on being the breed of a penguin as well. (The Gefroren family has more than just six people currently, obviously).

The Khaenri'ah families all have names in old Norse except Naofa. But, this is to match the similar naming schemes of the entirety of this nation as a whole.

Not every single family have naming traditions, though. There are some that do not whatsoever. The Kawu family does not have any sort of naming tradition, nor does the Hougo family. The known ones just happened to want their two kids to mean rabbit in some way, but it is not a tradition. The Truand and Viole families do not hold naming traditions either, they just both wanted to name their only children (the known ones, anyway) birds that they were not. The Bulles family doesn't have a tradition, either. Nor do the Zavod, Razem or the original chimera family the Tuzes family (as they already were humans before the experiment), nor do the Afstand or Luge families.

A Few More Notes about Tier 3 Families.

For a majority of the tier 3 families, most of their bodies organs on the inside are more of the animal their dna is than human, but the outside of their bodies are affected as well. For example, a majority of the Ingnes on the outside (the males anyway) are androgynous because of their hyena dna. But, not all the male born Ingnes are like this. Some still look male, but for most of them throughout the generations have looked androgynous as well as did not go through "normal male puberty" for various reasons and did not have a lot of testosterone.

In their 3 chimeras very few of their organs are untouched by their animal dna and it is not the same for every tier 3 chimera. For some tier 3 chimeras, their eyes are that of the animal dna in the brain, but for others, it's their eyes that remain completely human. For others as well the heart and lungs are sometimes untouched by their animal DNA, but it varies for the person.

The Ingnes eyes are always untouched by their animal DNA and are an exception, but the Chasm Ingnes lungs are hyena. Instead, it is their muscular structure that is 100% human to exchange. This is something that is randomized on the "DNA punnet square" similarly to the brain DNA cycle.

For the Casurs, they have exoskeletons, of sorts and will not be too greatly affected if their flesh and bones were to rot away and use the body part as though it still had skin. This is because they are scorpion chimeras. However, in turn, when transformed into their scorpion forms the poison they shoot is highly venomous and can kill anyone within seconds. So the Casurs live in Enkanomiya so people or monsters do not die when their bodies transform. Although, the poison only can come out when it is let out through their tails and has to be sprayed. But these families eyes are always inhuman and are the animal their brain dna corresponds to. The Framas and the Piosas are like this, as well.

(In other words, the Ingnes are very lucky their eyes are human).

The Pictiur family, or Naofa, rather, is extremely complicated. But Naofa is constantly battling "Jormungandr" inside them. Their organs are still a 50/50 split between lynx and human, but Jormungandr!Naofa and normal Naofa act completely differently than one another, but normal Naofa is aware of Jormungandr!Naofa's actions and seeking of revenge.

*Note I have not written a lot of Naofa yet, this is all in my notes.

A Few Miscellaneous Things Before I Wrap Up (and concerns I have)

This is just some miscellaneous points that I wonder if I'm going to get asked. If you read through my oc thread, some people may notice a lot of my ocs are not cis. I am not doing this to "force diversity" or anything. I am writing non-binary/trans characters because I just want to be comfortable with my own ocs.

Being a chimera =/= mean they're not cis. A majority of some of them are cis and straight, as is. But as a person who isn't cis myself and wants to explore multiple types of gender identities through fictional characters, some of the main chimera ocs I have ended up...not being you know "cis". And I feel like I shouldn't force myself to comply with what cis straight people would want.

I am not shoving my character's not cisness through anyone's throat. They just exist as any not cis person does in society. I am not doing this to "force inclusivity" (which I'm afraid people are going to just say "YOU'RE FORCING DIVERSITY, THIS IS WOKE" or something... but, I am not, and I just want to write what makes me feel at peace with myself.

But, for the most part, I have forced myself to subdue my character's (the ones that aren't cis or straight) identities by only hinting at it completely out of fear. By never saying trans, gay, and etcetera because of the High Guardian Spice fiasco some months ago where people were screaming that it was the w-word (woke), or something for having openly LGBT characters.

Also, a few people may notice some oc families are far more developed than others, so I'm going admit that I have a main OC family since the main character in the story is Siorc Ingne. Who has over 300,00 so words of stuff out there, I'm willing to bet. Since he's the main character, his family is the one with the most developed lore above anyone else.

Some Other Things.

Here's a few questions I wonder if I'm going to get that I'm just going to put in here at the end of the thread.

What made you decide to write about chimeras?

When the original chimera I tried to write back in may 2021, Kigyo came to me, something hit me: wow, I like this idea! Writing chimeras? Sounds fun! This led to the creation of Siorc and many, many others. At present, I have about 44 chimera ocs with names.

How are you able to write all those ocs? Isn't that a lot?

It's pretty easy for me to balance all my ocs out in what I want to do as I do not write all of them at once. And, most of these ocs were created as I went along. But, some of them, I haven't written yet. The other Ingnes, the other Framas, the Piosas, Tegne, Rede, and the six new ones I just created have not been written yet. But Tegne and Rede are characters I have coming up. But, I will be writing all of them soon. I know exactly when and where they will be used. But, a lot of them, I write when I want to and expand their lore when I feel like it. Since I have so many, I can just rotate them. But, a majority of the time I gravitate towards my favorites. I'm sorry for having faves.

Do you have any other aus you want to write with your chimera ocs?

Yes. I want to do a Tokyo Mew Mew version someday where the the other Mew Mews exist still, but it does not take place in Japan, a Pokemon verse where it's an au where instead of Mewtwo existing, Pokemeras exist instead, a Project Sekai verse where chimeras exist in that world, and are able to go to sekai and have virtual singers, as well as an original work at some point that's in leu of Furuba, but not a Furuba fanfiction. And many other ideas that are probably in the corners of my head.

How long have you been working on this?

This started out at around... maybe May, but didn't start until August when I wanted to write Siorc a story. This project is still sort of ongoing, though, as I'm writing a side story saga at the minute. But, the lore has been something that's been ongoing since maybe around September or October and has been changing a lot since then. A lot of the families have lores of their own, but I won't make an entire thread for that, lmfao. If I have to, I will likely make separate posts for the other families large lores, if I feel like it, but some are only the basics at this point in time.

Is this your first time writing?

Nope, not at all. I have been writing since around the age of 8 (2004-ish) and have been interested since I was five years old. But, this is the thing I have been working on the longest. The main story is actually complete aside from epilogues, but I have a lot of side stories I'm writing that are, at this point practically an entire fanfiction all their own, oops!

I have a few pieces of work on Pokecommunity itself, actually. They're all not very recent, though, except for the few things I published this year. I believe I have a account somewhere which I won't post the link to that, but it's like something awful Glittery Beautifly I think? EW LMFAO. Also had, a ficwad at some point, which I also won't post in here (my username is cringe, it's moonlight_angel there LOL). A majority of my teens I wrote some edgy "Madoka like mahou shoujo" stuff because why not I guess. But, now I'm deep into Genshin so that's what I'm writing for.

Is this a work you're proud of?

Yes, very, actually. Thus far, I'm very happy with this work and am enjoying writing it a lot more than anything else I have ever done. I guess you could say I got pretty attached to Siorc, and wanted to write an entire lore along the way. It's been a rather wild and complicated ride thus far! I can't believe I didn't stop and am still working on this to this day.

After you finish this fanfiction, what's next?

If you read my oc thread, and stumbled upon the Hase entry, I plan to eventually write a small fanfiction about Hase, a small three part fanfiction for Loba and her transition, and try to do some one-shots with my other ocs. But, I do not know if I'll get around to some of these. We'll have to see if I feel like it. But, the Hase and Loba ones are definite.

I did have a small Robin and Raven saga going, but will go back to them when I can muse their love story again. Atm, I only muse them when I have extra time to write something. Today, by the way, Friday, is usually my "extras day" where I write other things like big bonus poems, lore threads like this one, or stuff for my other ocs.

What's your writing process look like?

I prototype an entire thread on Twitter of what the outline of the next section is going to be. These then become my notes for the next writing day, which I entitle Siorc Sunday. Siorc Sunday is a very busy day that I start at around 3PM and depending on how distracted I get, the day ends anywhere between 3am the next morning to something 7am the next morning. When I write, I do not stop until a section is done and sleep after. But, if something is longer than I know it'll be, I take a break and finish it the next day after, but this is very rare because once my writing brain is on, I want to finish it all in one day.

Will the fanfiction be posted here?

Of course. As well as ao3. You're not required to know Genshin lore, either, because it's not following the events of the game's story, anyway.


Okay, I think that's it. Another long thread, I'm sorry, I love my characters and lore too much!

I will answer any additional questions if anyone has any. I hope anyone who actually read this far enjoyed.


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It's been awhile, I have a mild entry update to this thread because I have some lore that need s a separate post made for it. And what would that be, you ask, dear reader? Well, that would be...

This is all subject to change and important things I want people to read will be either bold, italicized or italicized and underlined.

The Karmic Debt Irminsul Erasure Curse.


Three hundred years ago, multiple chimera families attempted to challenge Celestia and the divine. But, this was a grave mistake as the divine are not to be messed with. As result of this challenge, Celestia cast a curse upon all the families who participated in this attempt to mess with them causing future generations of chimeras to fall under a curse of Karmic Debt that will one day erase their existence from Irminsul.

The curse explained.

The Karmic Debt Erasure curse afflicts a chimera at birth at random. Those afflicted with the curse have a black tree branch mark that starts on the shoulder. As the weight of the karmic debt continues to grow, the mark on the shoulder will grow bigger and longer and become a darker black. Once it reaches the wrist and becomes fully black, the karmic debt has been fulfilled.

Once the "Karmic Debt as been fulfilled, Irminsul erases the chimera's entire existence. They will be engulfed in a deep black energy and cease being. Records of them vanish, and memories of them are completed eradicated and erased as though they never existed in the first place. The only thing that remains is some handwriting, but it becomes heavily altered as a result.

Those who learn about the curse that aren't cursed with it themselves will forget the curse existed. Learning about it on repeat will Result in the memory being altered heavily. The only people who are immune to this Xiao who already has karmic debt, Zhongli (Rex Lapis to be more specific) who is thousands of years old, Naofa, who is a serial Ley Line manipulator, and descenders who are not recorded in Irminsul. As well as the chimeras who are cursed as, regardless of what happens, those who are cursed will always remember it until their demise comes for them.

Chimeras that are cursed by the erasure are usually unable to be blessed with a Vision and will have to manipulate the Ley Lines for Elemental capabilities. However, if a chimera gets cursed after receiving a Vision, the erasure will be slightly slower than if they were born with the curse.

Immunities an exceptions..

Some families are completely immune to the curse and can never be afflicted by it due to certain conditions.

The Ingnes, for example, did not participate in the rebellion, and are immune to being afflicted by the curse, but due to how unstable their dna is with having ten in their bloodline they cannot be afflicted with it due to the instabilities.

The Gefrorens and Bulles family have a condition in their DNA where They have a 25% (Gefroren) and 50% chance to be born with lungs instead of gills. Being afflicted with this condition prevents the curse from being able to affect them.

The Piosa family have a bodily issue in where if their bodies get too cold, they die due to being cold blooded, so the curse cannot affect them due to this condition within their lizard bodies.

The Kawu, Hakimi and Frama families did not participate in the rebellion and are immune to the curse and are families that are far more smaller in numbers than the other ones and haven't been cursed.

Naofa's family who were turned into Hilicurls during the Cataclysm are cursed to be monsters and are thus unaffected by the erasure curse. Naofa, who was in a cryogenic sleep for five hundred years is unaffected by this curse, as well and cannot be afflicted with it due to being stuck in time and Ley Line manipulation.

The Tuzes family, aside from Kigyo all died out before the rebellion, and Kigyo did not participate in it. But, honestly, Kigyo would definitely want to be cursed by Irminsul into erasure, but oh well. The Jinzi family also did not participate in this rebellion, and their family is extremely small in numbers naturally.

Some of the Casur family has an exception to the rule.

The Casur family has two curses and are also affected by the 25% chance to be born with gills instead of lungs. But, any Casur that has gills instead of lungs cannot be erased from Irminsul and Any Casur that has the misfortune curse cannot be afflicted with the Karmic Debt Erasure Curse. The Casur family, however Only eight remain, the rest have already been erased via Karmic Debt being paid in full.

Who were the families that participated in the rebellion?

The chimera families that attempted to challenge the divine were, The Hogo, Saber, Truand, Voile, Casur, Zavod, Razem, Afstand, Luge and Baise family. Meaning ten out of the twenty families participated in this rebellion three hundred years ago. But there are three particular families that made the curse worse for them.

And that would be..

The Chimera Cult

The chimera cult were a group of chimeras from the Baise, Luge and Afstand family who attempted to use forbidden alchemy, Khemia and other forbidden arts in an attempt to Fight Celestia and the divine. This particular cult had not been afflicted with the curse at birth and were immediately cursed upon trying to fight with Celestia.

They have since been erased. *They are likely to appear in a future novel I write dedicated to the chimera cult. Eta: most likely 2024.

The mark

As explained above, the mark is a large black tree branch that stars out as a tiny, dull black sprout on the shoulder (Image pending in the future for when I draw it). It will grow larger and get darker and blacker the more karmic debt is fulfilled.

The progression cannot be halted or reversed. And should the arm the mark is on get amputated in any way, the mark will move somewhere else on the body. People can see the mark and think it's a tattoo and do not question it if it is visible.

More information on the curse.

There is no way to prevent the person cursed to be erased from Irminsul and it guaranteed to happen once the branch hits the wrists and covers the arm entirely. Progression cannot be prevented. The conditions of how the Karmic Debt will be fulfilled vary by the chimera. Everyone has a different time for scheduled erasure and varies. It could be anywhere between ten years sine birth, fifteen, even twenty. But it will happen, no matter what.

The curse cannot be passed onto another chimera and does not spread and only affects the one who is cursed by it, aside from all memories of them being erased when their time has come. The only way to have the progression of the curse to become a slower demise is if the cured chimera was already an allogene or by sheer luck of the gods, is blessed with a vision anyway, but this will only slow the progression, not erase the curse.

All creatures, objects and writing will all forget the chimera who was erased except for people who are not recorded in Irminsul. And it is almost instant. But, if a chimera who is affected by the curse asks for certain changes to be recorded before their erasure, what they said will be what people remembered happened such as if a cursed individual were to say in their moments of being about to disappear, "a blond traveller and their floating fairy companion quelled Stormterror this is what will be recorded in Irminsul after the chimera's records are erased. It is, however, a false memory. (Remember, the traveller doesn't exist in this parallel verse, and Paimon is dead.)

Unlike Xiao's karmic debt, people around the chimeras that are cursed to be erased from Irminsul will not harm humans. A majority of them at this time have likely already been erased from existence.

Is there any way to reverse the curse?

If Celestia chooses to reverse the Karmic Debt Curse, it can be undone on all the families who are not immune to it or if the entry of Karmic Debt were to be removed from Irminsul, it would be completely removed, but those erased cannot be brought back.

Only Celestia or accessing the records of Irminsul can truly put an end to this curse.

Are any of your current ocs afflicted with the curse?

No, none of them are, actually. But, in the future, the ocs in the chimera cult will be written and probably have a separate entry made from them in my oc character bios thread, I will say that the Baise family ocs I currently have (I have five of them) they are the only ones besides their parents in that family that haven't been erased out of existence due to having spirits residing inside them instead.

What inspired you for this idea?

When 3.2 came out when I learned if someone removes themselves from Irminsul they are erased from history, I decided to finally think about the erasure curse more deeply. It was originally just a "Karmic Debt curse" that would need to be fulfilled and the condition of its fulfillment lead to "erasure". This idea I had about the karmic debt was in my head way before 3.2, of course, but it wasn't until then it finally solidified.

This lore is still a work in progress, though, and could change in the future, but for the most part, Sumeru helped me flesh it out much more. It was originally going to just be the Casur family and the Chimera Cult I applied this to back when it was just "Karmic Debt Erasure" the Irminsul part was the final puzzle piece, though.


For now, that's pretty much it. If I need to update this with other lore related worldbuilding, it'll again be in a separate post. Hopefully not eight months later like last time.