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Update 2

*So I've done a lot of stuff since last time, so ill just stick to the most important things

  • After training to level 25, went to fight Wattson - Derk the Combusken died from a crit :(
  • Caught some new team members, Wolf the lotad and Nica the numel
  • I think Wolf died on a crit from Maxie
  • Caught Kaori the Spoink, trained her up to a Grumpig
  • Went to fight Flannery, her Camerupt burned Olli the Swellow to a crisp with Overheat
  • Caught Jelli the Trapinch
  • Went to fight Norman - no casualties, surprisingly
  • Got exp share and put it on Jelli
  • Sophie died from a crit by a Goldeen I was trying to catch in Petalburg T_T
  • Caught a Wingull on route 105, named her Lapras
  • Did New Mauville sidequest
  • Am now waiting outside Fortree Gym, about to take it on!
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