Thread: Subs or Dubs?
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Dubbed, even if subs is the better choice and some of the English voices are grating and the translation tacky. This is like Sailor Moon to me, as a child I grew up watching the show in English, and it just stuck that way for me. I didn't know anything about subs back then or the original Japanese version. I just knew what I saw. So I kind of just stuck with following the dubbed version as they came, even now.

There was a short period during the Sinnoh Saga during the Grand Festival arc and Sinnoh League that I watched it in Japanese without subtitles, but I eventually stopped when Best Wishes premiered.

I don't think I'll ever really grow out of watching the dubbed version. I'd quicker stop the anime altogether before I choose to watch the show in subs entirely. That's just me though...
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