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Here is the scoop... I wrote this parody a few months ago, but have been waiting on Pokemon gear / camera equipment to come in before I could actually shoot it. Finally got everything in... so after we shoot the actual Card Shop shots next week, I'll be able to debut the actual video to you guys! I'm an old school Pokemon fan, so it's mainly about the original 151. I used to be up at the Card Shop every other day as a kid, so I'm hoping it will bring back a lot of good memories to other old schools fans as well as new ones!

So I know most of you have heard Macklemore - Thrift Shop... my beat dude re-created the beat in 8-bit, so it gives it the gameboy feel! Anyways, I'm just looking for thoughts and/or suggestions since I'm finishing shooting next week! I spent a lot of time & money on this one, so I'm going for best Pokemon parody on the web! So here is the mini-trailer to get some of you hyped up! Let me know what you think! Thank you!

^ No idea why it won't work. If a mod could fix that here is the link - thanks!