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Quote originally posted by Kura:
Anyways, I did an hour at the gym yesterday and another hour of pilates to strengthen my core and posture~ Was good .o. my butt hurts a bit today though!
Ahh, I see. XD (i don't read)

I meant the meat as a joke. HAHAHA. One of my friends doesn't like meat (eats little of it) for some reason, maybe it's a woman thing? But I love meat.

You can keep your nuts. I cut my nuts because I used to chew on them compulsively, until I got tired of their taste. ;:)

You also eat a lot better than I do. I've gotten 5 hours of sleep a night these past few days (LOTR EE bluray marathon + driver's ed in the day) so my cortisol is probably through the roof and my decision-making capability is at an all time low. Which would explain me ordering ungodly amounts of fried meat to munch on for lunch. I've reversed all the gains I've made in the past 2 weeks hahahahahaha.

I need a healthier lifestyle ):
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