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Third Generation The hallmark of sprite-based Pokémon gaming, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald set you off on an adventure in the watery Hoenn region with tons of diverse Pokémon to discover. Fans of Kanto can reexplore their favorite region in FireRed and LeafGreen. Here you'll find other fans who enjoy talking about the Pokémon, strategy, and techniques to master this generation.

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Old December 7th, 2014 (7:30 PM).
Itcheeee's Avatar
Itcheeee Itcheeee is offline
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Gender: Female
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Leafgreen entry number 5
Buba (Ivysaur, lvl 55) Solarbeam, Sleep Powder, Synthesis, Razor Leaf
Trixie (Nidorina, lvl 53) Poison Sting, Cut, Crunch, Shock Wave
Kitsune (Vulpix, lvl 27) Dig, Confuse Ray, Quick Attack, Will-o-wisp
Owlicous (Pidgy, lvl 26) Secret Power, Fly, Steel Qing, Quick Attack (fnished moveset)
Sandshrew (lvl 28) Strength, Rock Tomb, Brick Break, Aerial Ace
Vaporshy (Vaporeon, lvl 42) Bite, Surf, Aurora Beam, Quick Attack
After some trainer battles and a forest, I finally found Lostelle and fought the Hypno that was bothering her. She gave me an Ipappa berry as thanks. Took her to her home, and gave the mediorite to it's rightfull owner. Got a Moon Stone :D Returned to Bill after he restored the PC and traveled to Cinnabar Island. Healed the team and flew to the Power Plant. Picked up items and had a few battles before encountering Zapdos! After many, many tries I finally caught Zapdos.
Went back to the final gym, quickly fought the trainers and got to Giovanni. Vaporshy pretty much crashed his whole team with a bit of help from Trixie :D With the Team Rocket leader finally defeated, the 8th badge was happily obtained! :D Thanks to the awesome team.
Headed for the Pokemon Leauge and ran into Gary again. Won after a tought battle, good thing lots of training is ahead.
Passed through the Badge gates, and started through the cave leading to the hard battles ahead.
Finding TM's along the way, gaining levels, managed to get through every battle just barely holding on, mostly thanks to Bulba and Vee. Healed, and went back to train. Taught the team the remaining moves by level and TM I had, finding more may be required to defeat the Elite 4.
Used the Moon Stone on Trixie and evolved her into a Nidoqueen.
Next time, the Elite 4.
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Old December 10th, 2014 (8:21 AM).
theLman theLman is offline
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i remember when i thought contests were the only thing that would let me progress when i first played emerald but when i discovered the magma hideout, boy did i feel stupid
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Old December 17th, 2014 (9:51 AM).
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The last time on emerald i caughted the three regis and with this way my pokedex geted up to 100 caughted pokemon.


The last time on fire red my save file corrupted,all the legendaries,another 180 pokemon and over 500.000$ gone!!!
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I currently make my own pokemon engine in batch,and is a huge challenge!
Learn some basics on my thread http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=341773
I'll soon upload screenshots and videos about my wip engine.
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Old January 27th, 2015 (9:01 AM).
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Yay! Just started a new game in Ruby! OK, *intro skip intro skip intro skip* [Boy or Girl? ~Girl, nah, boy] [What's your name? ~Raven] Got out of the truck and I got in to my house. Set the clock, time: 5:00 PM *Goes with half a heart to see May*. Now head to route- Wait a moment! Birch is in trouble and he needs me to get a starter and fight. What an idiot. I insert his bag and get the starter option. What do I choose? Leave you with the suspense for my next entry...
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Old March 24th, 2015 (8:00 PM).
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For me Ruby was very nostalgic...I was not good battling at that time's and choose Treecko as my partner my team was pretty weak.. Treecko was my favourite Pokemon his absorb attack has saved me many times..I loved him too much his nickname was tricko..I was very reluctant to evolve him but I needed a more powerful Pokemon and Got Sceptile and he learned LEAF BLADE{ With one LB tricko took down most of the Pokemon}...I defeated the flying type gym with him.Flying type are 2x effective but still my Sceptile put up a great fight...I had Sceptile poters all over my room !!!...I still have the same Sceptile from Ruby in my Pokemon Heartgold...{I transferred him from the gba cartridge to my ds}
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Old April 23rd, 2015 (4:09 PM).
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I just started a new run on Emerald. I picked Treecko as my starter, and he just evolved into Grovyle! I also have Aron and Ralts in my party. In this run I'm making it a point to actually try and complete my dex. I've caught everything I've seen so far! It's pretty exciting. I'm also going to try and catch a Feebas... I haven't tried before and I know it's pretty difficult.
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Old April 25th, 2015 (6:53 AM).
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I finished the Elite Four 3 times with my LVL 92 Luvdisc!
Pokemon Kunzite
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Old June 6th, 2015 (7:39 PM).
ColourCodedGB ColourCodedGB is offline
Join Date: May 2015
Gender: Male
Posts: 32
Having gotten a four star trainer card in Pokemon Ruby by completing all the contests, booting out the elite four, conquering the battle tower, and completing the Hoenn Dex, my travels now bring me to Kanto in Fire Red on the ultimate third gen quest to complete the National Dex. (Not including Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and Deoxys)

The copy of Fire Red I had purchased was halted right at the elite four, so I finished the previous owner's game and traded Kabuto and Suicune to my copy of Ruby. After that I reset the file and picked Bulbasaur as my starter. We defeated Brock and I captured a Clefairy in Mt. Moon. After deafeating Misty I captured a Diglett which later evolved into Dugtrio. I got through Rock Tunnel, beat up Giovanni the first time, and played the slots for a long time to get some TMs. I acquired an Eevee which I evolved into Flareon, and it is currently my strongest Pokemon. Still need to play the slots a bit more to get the Flamethrower TM.

Current Team:

Ivysaur (M) Lv 29
Moveset: Secret Power, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf

Clefable (F) Lv. 31
Moveset: Shock Wave, Ice Beam, Mega Punch, Brick Break

Dugtrio (M) Lv. 30
Moveset: Mud-Slap, Scratch, Dig, Magnitude

Flareon (M) Lv. 29
Moveset: Dig, Shadow Ball, Growl, Quick Attack
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Old June 7th, 2015 (10:55 AM).
The Fourteenth Doctor The Fourteenth Doctor is offline
The little... Daleks
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Lately I've been occasionally battling the Elite 4 on Pokemon Emerald, I already beat the champion but have been raising my team for a while, I'm aiming to get them to around Lv70 at which point I'll transfer them accross to Pokemon X or Alpha Sapphire.

My team so far

Sceptile Lv55
Sealeo Lv38 (holding Exp share)
Camerupt Lv54
Gardevoir Lv55
Flygon Lv54
Heracross Lv58
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Old June 8th, 2015 (8:49 PM).
ColourCodedGB ColourCodedGB is offline
Join Date: May 2015
Gender: Male
Posts: 32
An update on what's going on!

I completed my FireRed file late last night with a really great team of Pokemon. My final team was Venusaur, Clefable, Dugtrio, Flareon, Omastar, and Electabuzz. Once the elite four were defeated I completed the post game stuff to trade Pokemon with Ruby/Sapphire. My ultimate goal as mentioned is to complete the national dex, so I spent the whole day off capturing and trading Pokemon. My Pokedex in Pokemon Ruby now has 256 Pokemon registered, with many more still available with just FireRed. I eventually need to buy a copy of LeafGreen, Colosseum, and a Game Cube in order to finish the Pokedex, (I already found a cheap copy of XD Gale) but for now I've still got lots to do in the games I have.

I also traded my Level 100 Metagross named Gargantula to my FireRed to teach it Explosion via move tutor. This will help me get more ribbons for Gargantula's ribbon collection, and in fact has already helped me win a few contests I couldn't beat before. Contests aren't the only factor though, as Gargantula's explosion will help out a lot on Mt. Battle in colosseum in the quest for Ho-oh, the equivalent in XD Gale to try and earn the Earth Ribbon, and it will also be useful in Ruby's Battle Tower to try and get the Level 100 Mode Ribbon to go with its level 50 mode ribbon. In summery, it's a big deal, and will help out a lot.

Entei was captured in a master ball, and I used an extra one I had obtained in Sapphire on Mewtwo. I normally like fighting Mewtwo legit, but I didn't really feel like training all my guys to the point where they could fight him. When I eventually go through Leaf Green with Squirtle I will be able to get Raikou, and have all three. I'll need to capture them in Colosseum anyway though, so I'll end up with two sets of them.

Currently I'm about to try some of the low level cute contests for more ribbons, and I will be slowly leveling up my Kingdra for the Battle Tower. (He helped out a lot in level 50 mode)
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Old June 21st, 2015 (12:15 PM).
ColourCodedGB ColourCodedGB is offline
Join Date: May 2015
Gender: Male
Posts: 32
Time for an update! I've been waiting for someone to post in here so I don't double post, but so much has happened that I feel I should update before it all gets forgotten.

I purchased a copy of Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, and played through that to get Lugia for Pokemon Ruby. It was my first time playing Gale of Darkness, and was overall a pretty entertaining game. Even though Colosseum is worse in almost every way, I'm really looking forward to playing it again when it arrives for me on Tuesday. I think I overall enjoyed Colosseum more despite its many frustrations, so I'm anxious to play it again for Ho-oh and other Johto Pokemon. In Gale of Darkness my main fighters were Flareon, Walrein, and Ampharos, with occasional help from ursaring. The game was overall pretty easy, and so getting Lugia wasn't that big of a hassle.

I did a lot of work trading, evolving, breeding and such to fill the pokedex up, and I'm currently at 331 Pokemon. I only need fourteen more Pokemon to fill the Kanto Pokedex!

While I could have gotten a lucky egg from Gale of Darkness, I really didn't feel like doing a big long series of fetch quests, so I thought I'd try and get one off of a Chansey in FireRed for a bit. I got stupidly lucky and actually got one on the second chansey I caught! Was very happy about that!

I finally obtained Pokerus in Ruby, and started training for Mt. Battle in Colosseum ahead of time. Speaking of which, I completed Mt. Battle twice in Gale of Darkness to obtain Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and an apicot berry.

The only way to test a team in Ruby/Sapphire for something like Mt. Battle is to take on the Battle Tower. After a few different combinations of Pokemon I had trained, I finally seemed to have a pretty good set of guys. I had a Metagross holding a Lum berry with Sludge Bomb, Earthquake, Rest, and Selfdestruct; a Ludicolo with rain dish and leftovers that knew Rain dance, surf, giga drain, and ice beam; and finally a Flygon with Scope lens that knew Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Toxic, and Giga Drain. My goal was to earn the ribbons at battle #56, but to my absolute joy I managed to defeat 112 trainers in a row at the battle tower lv. 50 mode which got me the Gold Shield trophy for my secret base! I'm most certainly ready for Mt. Battle with a team like that.

Currently obtaining the remaining Pokemon I can get without Colosseum. I've just about fully 100% completed Pokemon Ruby!
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Old August 11th, 2015 (11:13 AM).
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Well i was grinding and found shiny zubat and caught and later in the journey I found a shiny sableye one of my favourite Pokemon but I didn't have any pokeballs.
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Old September 18th, 2015 (5:30 PM).
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Im playing on my Ipad - Pokemon fire red. Character name is Corbin

I started out my Journey today with charmander, he is growing alot and we caught a Pidgey today. so far he has leveled up to 9 and Charmander is level 13. We also ran into my rival Jake, and won against his team.
We are headed into the woods and training more and more and finally got Pidgey to level 14 and Charmander is level 15. I managed to catch a caterpie who evolved into metapod and is level 9 now. Anyways its off to the Gym with my team, but the bad thing its a rock gym and I think I am going to get wiped out!
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Old September 18th, 2015 (8:32 PM).
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FireRed: I've been playing FireRed over the past week when there is time. So far we're at Fuschia City with 4 Gym Badges. My team consists of the following Pokemon:

- Fuego (Charizard) Lv.36
- PacDude (Primeape) Lv.35
- Bloodwing (Pidgeotto) Lv.35
- Aqua (Vaporeon) Lv.35
- Terra (Dugtrio) Lv.35
- Snorlax [no nickname yet] Lv.35

My team is pretty much ready to take on Koga based on matchup and moves, but would probably get steamrolled purely through level difference. A run through Route 12 and battling the trainers there should fix that. During my run for the Secret House at the Safari Zone, I had hit the jackpot and fished up a Lv.30 Dragonair out of the Water. After the Warden had re-obtained his teeth and given HM04 as a reward, I saved the game deciding on what move to make next; keep going and train at Route 12, or move off to the side and train Dragonair.

Emerald: I'm quite far through Emerald by this point, but it shouldn't hurt making an entry log for it as well.

Following a grueling battle against the Champion with a team of four Pokemon, I set off on a mission to track down and capture every legendary in the region. Rayquaza was caught with an Ultra Ball after a hard fought struggle. Groudon proved to be a pushover after the first Timer Ball was thrown. On my way back to the Weather Institute, I was sidetracked by Latias, who appeared unexpectedly. It fled soon after being jolted with a Thunder Wave; shortly after, I decided to take a break and wind down by participating at the Battle Frontier. My current team as it stands:

- Uliek (Swampert) Lv.54
- Huayra (Swellow) Lv.54
- Azure (Salamence) Lv.54
- Ferrus (Aggron) Lv.54
- Electra (Manectric) Lv.45
- HM goon (Zigzagoon the HM slave) Lv.5

Electra is a new addition to the team. She joined the team after the Elite Four had been defeated, but will prove useful on rematch runs. I also paid a visit to the Berry Master's home, where I was given a Spelon Berry. Along with a Lum Berry obtained at Lilycove, it was planted at a patch of soft soil at Route 121, where it will be watered daily until it is ready to harvest.

"All dreams are but another reality. Never forget..."
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Old October 30th, 2015 (8:46 AM).
Straud332 Straud332 is offline
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I've already beaten the Hoenn story, so I'll share my adventures in the Battle Frontier. After lots of struggle I beat the Battle factory head for the first encounter, and just last night beat the Battle Palace head for the first encounter. I'm currently working on the Battle Arena
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Old January 9th, 2016 (6:11 AM). Edited January 9th, 2016 by The Fourteenth Doctor.
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The little... Daleks
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I started playing Leaf Green again recently, I've just arrived in Cerulean City and am currently battling my way to Bill's house

My team;

Charmeleon Lv20
Pikachu Lv19
Nidorina Lv19

Update: defeated Misty earlier also catching and training a Bellsprout in the process, also just defeated Lt.Surge (OH-KO'd his team with Nidoqueen and dig)

Charmeleon Lv24
Weepinbell Lv23
Pikachu Lv23
Nidoqueen Lv25
11th Doctor: He's the one that broke the promise, he's my secret

John Hurt:What I did, I did without choice

11th Doctor: I know

John Hurt: in the name of peace and sanity

11th Doctor: But not in the name of the Doctor

75% of Pokemon gamers use cheats and specially made codes to make their pokemon battle-worthy. If you are one of the 25% percent that level their Pokemon up legally, put this in your signature.
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