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Reload this Page Would you be a strict or a lienient parent?

The Round Table Have a seat at the Round Table for in-depth discussions, extended or serious conversations, and current events. From world news to talks on life, growing up, relationships, and issues in society, this is the place to be. Come be a knight.

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Old February 25th, 2010 (11:39 AM).
FreakyLocz14's Avatar
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When (and if) you have children of your own, do you think you will be a strict or lieient parent?

What kind of values will you instill in your children?
Old February 25th, 2010 (11:42 AM).
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I would be in the middle.

I'd expect my kids to try their hardest in school, and if they have any problems with the teachers/work/etc., I would want them to tell me so I can help get things worked out. And if they're having a tough time at school, I'd look into sending them to a private school, but before doing so, I'd ask them if they're interested, and if they are, I'd have them shadow there so they can experience what a day in the school is beforehand.

When it comes to housework and food and such, I'd expect them to eat what I serve, and not pig out on junk food all the time. I'd have them do whatever chores are needed to be done, but I wouldn't have them do too hard chores else that would probably be considered overworking them.

Overall I want the best for my children and for them to learn what's necessary in life.
Old February 25th, 2010 (11:47 AM).
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I'd follow in the tradition of my parents. They were strict when they needed to be, but they let me have my space.

To be fair though, raising me was pretty easy because I was nerdy and antisocial and never fell into groups that would get me into trouble. There's no telling what my kids are gonna be like. XD
Old February 25th, 2010 (01:56 PM).
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Like said I would be in between I think being too much of one is not good and doesn't help. I was raised in between so I would pass on that to my kids, with a few changes to things I was taught.

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Old February 25th, 2010 (02:44 PM).
reyzn reyzn is offline
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Originally Posted by Timbjerr View Post
I'd follow in the tradition of my parents. They were strict when they needed to be, but they let me have my space.
Same here. My parents were strict up until I realised that all I needed to do was to prove to them that I was capable of taking care of myself and be responsible.
They were also typical asian parents, which I think I will be too one day.

Old February 25th, 2010 (02:48 PM).
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Do what my parents did. the middle.

I would teach them to respect everyone no matter what, to never hate, and that no group of people is better than another group of people. Unless of course one group is like..a group of Nazis or something. Those are some major things a lot of parents either don't do themselves or don't enforce.

Oh, and I would teach them to not be stupid enough to say "Gay people have more rights than straight people in ___" as that not only is false, but will never happen. They may be equal, but not considered better.
Old February 25th, 2010 (03:11 PM).
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I would do what my parents did...

Beat them until they learned their lesson and install fear in their heart xD Never !!

I would probably be in the middle, just like everyone else here. But if I had to choose between strict or lienient, I could choose strict cause I was raised that way. I want a child, not a best friend. I already have a best friend. xD

Old February 25th, 2010 (03:31 PM).
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I think at first I'd need to be a kind parent not to scare the child or anything ^.^
But as the child grows older you need to teach it some 'discipline', however if the child's alright and quiet, I see no real reason to teach him some manners,
However yes teaching children manners would be hard..
Guess I have to go half with everyone else then >.>
Old February 25th, 2010 (04:17 PM).
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I am going to wing it when the time comes. XD
I will put my own values in them, and change my parenting skills to soot the individual child.
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Old February 25th, 2010 (04:51 PM).
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Lenient! Lenient, lenient, lenient, lenient! I have very strict parents right now, and I do not want my children to suffer what I have suffered. : (
Old February 26th, 2010 (10:32 AM).
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I would be tough when I need to be and gentle at other times..
Old February 26th, 2010 (10:48 AM).
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I want to be a parent like Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird. He's just... awesome. :D

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Old February 26th, 2010 (10:31 PM).
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I would be a fair parent.

Unfortunately, my mother felt the need to be on my back every 2 seconds, whether it be something frivolous or whatnot. With my children, I'm going to let them have some space and not complain about something completely silly every time it occurs. However, when it comes to my children's education, that I will be strict about. That and public conduct.

Funny, because my mother says that I'm going to perform the same actions she's done to me to my children, but I think I would know myself better than she would know me.
Old February 26th, 2010 (10:37 PM).
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Well I'd be strict on education but I wouldn't expect my kid to get straight A's all the time.

Also I'd have to adjust that if my child had some kind of learning disability though I'd still like them to try their best.

I'd raise them to be Roman Catholic but when they get to be teenagers I'd let them convert to another Christian denomination if they wanted to.
Old February 26th, 2010 (10:42 PM).
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I'd be strict but not stifling. I'm european so I think it's fine to offer a child around 8 or older a taste of wine at the dinner table or a sip of beer. I feel like children who are withheld from something until they are older often lash out and overdo it just because of the parental restrictions.
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Old February 27th, 2010 (11:44 AM).
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A bit lienient, but not up to the point where they get spoiled and have attitude problems. I'd wanna be strict when the situation calls for it to, but it'll still be difficult. xD
Old February 27th, 2010 (11:50 AM).
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I would be whatever kind of parent my child seemed to require. If that meant a strict/lenient parent, then so be it.
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Old February 27th, 2010 (12:06 PM).
jester123 jester123 is offline
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Id be both. I cant be a sargent on kids but i cant let kids get away with smoking weed every weekend.
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Old February 27th, 2010 (12:57 PM).
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Depends. I probably wouldn't be aggressive about it, though, although my future kids would still manage to hate me somehow.
Old February 27th, 2010 (01:37 PM).
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I have a feeling I'd be the kind of parent that would let their kids do pretty much anything they wanted as long as they weren't getting in trouble with the law or doing drugs or something of the sort. My mother's just been very controlling of me so I think that's why I might be way more lenient with my kids than she was with me.

I would want to be the kind of parent that could go out places with her kids and actually joke around with them and get along with them :3
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Old February 27th, 2010 (04:43 PM).
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I dunno really. I would be strict if I had to be but it would be fair.
I would just try and expose them to good values and try and bring them places like when they're older so they're exposed to more things than within teen culture. Like art and news and stuff.

I would just try to raise them with all my love and care. and give them the occasional treat (:

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Old February 27th, 2010 (05:12 PM).
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Probably more towards lenient, but only after I was sure they understood how to manage themselves and act around others. So long as they didn't get in trouble with the law, do stupid stuff, and maintain good grades (and by that I mean B's or higher), I'd probably give them a lot of free reign.
Old February 27th, 2010 (05:21 PM).
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I'm gonna see some of my mom's techniques as an example and most of my dad as an anti-example.

I want to allow my children their space, and their self-growth to expand. I want them to try their best in everything and take advantage of the technology they will have in their hands. I will of course trust them with their own computers at a young age like me and guide them through school. My dad is almost never in the house, so I want to try to get a job that doesn't require so much travel. In terms of fortune, it may be hard, but I want to make sure they have more when they are growing up than what I have now.

Personally, I really don't want to be strict. I want to be light-hearted and understanding. I also want to be fair. I know from experience that what scares children the most is the reaction of parents, usually not the punishment itself.
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Old February 27th, 2010 (05:28 PM).
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I currently have a daughter. She is almost a year old. I think I will be a lenient parent. Though I do want her to be a good person nonetheless, so I will have to be somewhat strict on some issues. I certainly won't let her do anything illegal.
Old February 27th, 2010 (05:39 PM).
Team Rocket's Raichu Team Rocket's Raichu is offline
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I'm going to be a lenient parent like my parents.

I would let my kids have their fun and space, but only if it is absolutely necessary I would be strict and mean.

I'm a supermod of that forum.

I've left, bye PC.
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