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Old August 14th, 2012 (5:58 AM).
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# * Diploma - by FL (Credits will be apreciated)
# This script is for Pokémon Essentials. It displays a game diploma like in
# official games. This is a very simple scene that I made in a way with several
# comments that can be used as a guide to make simple scenes in Essentials.
# To this script works, put it above main. To show the diploma use
# 'pbDiploma(maintext,imagepath)' where the maintext is the diploma maintext
# and the imagepath is the path of the diploma picture (like
# "Graphics/Pictures/diploma"). If you call it without parameters (only
# 'pbDiploma') then the default main text and image path are used.
# I suggest to call this script only when the condition
# '$Trainer.pokedexOwned==PBSpecies.maxValue' is true.

class DiplomaScene # The scene class def update # Updates all sprites in @sprites variable pbUpdateSpriteHash(@sprites) end

def pbStartScene(maintext,imagepath) # Initialize the sprite hash where all sprites are. This is better for # calling methods for all sprites once like pbUpdateSpriteHash @sprites={} # Creates a viewpoint with z=99999, so you can see all sprites with # z below 99999. The higher z sprites are above the lower ones. @viewport=Viewport.new(0,0,Graphics.width,Graphics.height) @viewport.z=99999 # Creates a new IconSprite object and sets its bitmap to imagepath @sprites["background"]=IconSprite.new(0,0,@viewport) @sprites["background"].setBitmap(imagepath) # A little trick to centralize if the background hasn't the screen size @sprites["background"].x=([email protected]["background"].bitmap.width)/2 @sprites["background"].y=([email protected]["background"].bitmap.height)/2 # Creates an overlay to write text over it @sprites["overlay"]=BitmapSprite.new(Graphics.width,Graphics.height,@viewport) # Set the font defined in "options" on overlay pbSetSystemFont(@sprites["overlay"].bitmap) # Calls the pbDrawText method pbDrawText(maintext) # After everything is set, show the sprites with "FadeIn" effect. pbFadeInAndShow(@sprites) { update } end

def pbDrawText(maintext) [email protected]["overlay"].bitmap # Clear the overlay to write text over it. In this script the clear is # useless, but if you want to change the text without remake the overlay, # then this is necessary. overlay.clear # I am using the _INTL for better others parameters (like $Trainer.name) # manipulation and to allow text translation (made in PBIntl script section) playerName=_INTL("Player: {1}",$Trainer.name) # The margins sizes for each side marginLeft=112 marginRight=96 # Creates a new color for text baseColor and text shadowColor. # The three numbers are in RGB format. baseColor=Color.new(72,72,72) shadowColor=Color.new(160,160,160) # Creates an array with pbDrawTextPositions second parameter. Search for # 'def pbDrawTextPositions' to understand the second parameter. # 'Graphics.width-value' and 'Graphics.height-value' make the value counts # for the reverse side. This is also useful for different screen size # graphics. Ex: Graphics.height-96 its the same than 288 if the # graphics height is 384. # 'Graphics.width/2' and 'Graphics.height/2' returns the center point. textPositions=[ [playerName,Graphics.width/2,32,2,baseColor,shadowColor], [_INTL("Game Freak"),Graphics.width-marginRight,Graphics.height-64,1,baseColor,shadowColor] ] # Draw these text on overlay. pbDrawTextPositions(overlay,textPositions) # Using drawTextEx (search for 'def drawTextEx' to understand the # parameters) to make a line wrap text for main text. drawTextEx(overlay,marginLeft,96,Graphics.width-marginLeft-marginRight,8,maintext,baseColor,shadowColor) end

def pbMain loop do # Updates the graphics Graphics.update # Updates the button input check Input.update # Calls the update method on this class (look at 'def update' in # this class) self.update # If button C or button B (trigger by keys C and X) is pressed, then # exits from loop and from pbMain, starts pbEndScene (look at # 'def pbStartScreen') if Input.trigger?(Input::B) || Input.trigger?(Input::C) # To play the Decision SE (defined in database) when the diploma is # canceled, then uncomment the below line. #pbSEPlay($data_system.decision_se) break end # If you wish to switch between two texts when the C button is # pressed (with a method like pbDrawText2), then deletes the # '|| Input.trigger?(Input::C)'. Before the 'loop do' put 'actualText=1', # then use something like: #Input.trigger?(Input::C) # if(actualText==1) # actualText=2 # pbDrawText2 # elsif(actualText==2) # actualText=1 # pbDrawText # end #end end end

def pbEndScene # Hide all sprites with "FadeOut" effect pbFadeOutAndHide(@sprites) { update } # Remove all sprites pbDisposeSpriteHash(@sprites) # Remove the viewpoint @viewport.dispose end end

class Diploma # The screen class def initialize(scene) @scene=scene end

def pbStartScreen(maintext,imagepath) # Put the method order in scene. The pbMain have the scene main loop # that only closes the scene when the loop breaks. @scene.pbStartScene(maintext,imagepath) @scene.pbMain @scene.pbEndScene end end

# Here a def for a quick script call. # If you don't put some parameter, then it uses default values. def pbDiploma(maintext="",imagepath="") # Picks default text if maintext=="" maintext=_INTL("This document is issued in recognition of your magnificent achievement - the completion of the National Pokédex.") if maintext=="" # Picks default image path if imagepath=="" imagepath="Graphics/Pictures/diploma" if imagepath=="" scene=DiplomaScene.new screen=Diploma.new(scene) screen.pbStartScreen(maintext,imagepath) end

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Old August 27th, 2012 (3:45 PM).
P0kemonMast P0kemonMast is offline
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Great looking forward to using this in some way in my game thanks again ^.^

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Old December 3rd, 2013 (11:11 AM).
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Thanks for the detailed comments, really helped me understand scenes better.

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