View Full Version : Dragon Storm (DX on)

Chibi Pika
August 17th, 2007, 7:29 PM
My deckmaking skills = fail, and with the new modified format instated this year, combined with my recent lack of attaining good cards means I'm likely to retire from the TCG after 8+ years of sucking at it. =/

I never got to try out my 2006 deck, not living near a standard league and having missed all the Championships. Ah well...I wanted to know if it was any good. I've been using it and editing it for many years now. It started as a BAR (RAMBO), and evolved with the modified formats.

Pokemon x17:
Rayquaza EX (d) x1
Latios (d)HP x2
Latias (d)HP x2
Dragonite (d)DS x2
Dragonair (d)DS x2
Dratini (d)DS x2
Manectric EX (DX) x2
Electrike (DX) x3
Plusle (DX) x1

Trainers x24:
Dual Ball x2
Lanette's Net Search x1
Bill's Maintenance x2
Professor Elm's Training Method x3
Sitrus Berry x1
Warp Point x2
Pokedex x2
Energy Recycle System x1
Energy Switch x2
Mr. Stone's Project x1
Fieldworker x1
Holon Lass x2
Holon Lake x2
Rare Candy x2

Energy x19:
Lightning Energy x11
Rainbow Energy x2
Metal Energy x4
Holon Magneton x2 (I counted them as energy, since they won't be played as Pokemon)

It's heavily reliant on Trainers because I wanted it able to be set up fast, since it's predecessor (in HL-on) had to outrun the likes of Magcargo, Jirachi, and Pidgeot. It was at it's fastest back when I used Zapdos EX, but when that was cut, I turned to combining Dragonite and Manectric to act sort of how Firestarter Blaziken and Blaziken EX used to. The Latis are only useful in the early game, to stall while setting up the aformentioned Pokes, and get a surprise KO if the opponent gets setup with either EX's or Stage 2's (Latias is more useful in that regard). When they get knocked out, taking their energy with them, Dragonite can recycle it onto Maectric for the heavy damage to benched EX's. Rayquaza is there for backup if things go wrong.