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PokéCommunity League & other battling events
Posted by wolf
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Soundtracks/Pop this weekend!
Posted by gimmepie
Pokémon Discussions
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Lets get your move on in Pokémon General: The Final Round!
Posted by Brendino
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Dubtrack Weekends are Back! 7
Posted by gimmepie
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Small Updates & Changes 254
New update posted by adventure
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Dubtrack 24-hour session with Rabinov! 2
Posted by Rabinov
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Great Character Clash Week 9 - Sidekick Bonanza!
Posted by Rabinov
Pokémon Discussions
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Pokemon Anime Night is back! (Sunday 9pm GMT+0) 3
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Happy birthday, Discord! 6
Posted by McCree
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Community Day is over! Thank you to all who participated 2
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Pokémon: Main Series Games

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by Luna
RubySapphireEmerald Your thoughts on the starters?
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Pokémon: Play Together


Pokémon: General Discussions

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by Blue

Fan Games

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Create & Discover


Entertainment & Media

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by Necrum
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Off Topic Discussions

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Technology Booting Linux
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Community Square

Feedback Homepage Layout
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by Bebop
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