View Full Version : please rate my deck

August 20th, 2007, 1:40 AM
look at my deck I mostly got hoenn ones

piplup Jirachi torchic combusken blaziken
moves moves moves moves moves
peck 10 mind bend 30 singe 10 lunge 50 clutch 20
watersplash 20 make a wish 10 flamethrower 50
signed by Satoshi Tajiri
unown a-d
moves regice,regirock,registeel mightyena
hidden power 20 moves moves
icy wind,rock smash,steel bomb 50 shake down 40

poochyena omyante turtwig claydol
moves no moves stomp 10 moves
tail slap 20 ability draw three cards hyper beam 40

baltoy bayleef chicorita ralts
moves moves moves moves
double spin 20 poision powder 20 poision powder 10 psychic 30

kyroge rayquaza dialga palkia
moves moves moves moves
ice beam 40 hyper beam 50 roar of time 100 spacial rend 100
signed signed signed singed

all that have signed are signed by Satoshi Tajiri creator of pokemon

Cipher 2008
August 20th, 2007, 9:58 AM
That's not a deck. That's a bundle of cards that you just threw together that don't have any meaning whatsoever. We don't know the set, the number, the quantities, the strategy (if any)...it's a mess.

And there's no Trainer cards OR Energy cards.

Have you ever even played the TCG? Do you know ANYTHING about it? If not, just don't bother wasting our time.