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October 5th, 2003, 2:03 PM
Welcome to the The Angelic Gate. Members who wish to join TAP must be an angel, lol.

-Do Trivia
-Do the RP
-Do Fan Art Contests
-Member of the week will be elected if you have the most points!
-If you are elected as MOTW, then you will get an extra point!

Member positions ------>
There will be an Administrator, that's me, we will also appoint a Trivia Coordinator, who will be in charge of receiving PMs about Trivia. (I'll set up the trivia whenever possible.)

We will try to get sprites ASAP.

When you have:
0-10 Member points --> Baby Angel
11-20 --> Teen Angel
21-30 --> Adult Angel
31-40 --> Grandpa Angel
41+ --> Angelic Chaos!!

Application form ---->

Name: [what you would like to be known as]
Your color: [Choose from Silver, Black, Blue]
Your powers: [choose one, we'll decide if it's reasonable or not]
Your pokemon: [admins or leaders may choose ONE legendary, choose 4 total pokes]

Right now, include if you are interested in having a leadership position. When choosing your color, keep in mind that this is your sub-team within the RP.

Members so far --->

~Taro and Sasami
Member points: 0
Position: Admin / Baby
Team: Silver
Pokemon: Silver Jirachi, Silver Ninetales, Silver Umbreon, Silver Arcanine

January 14th, 2004, 2:32 PM
This club has been inactive for a span of time. Please PM to reopen this club