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September 2nd, 2007, 6:11 PM
A frail chrysanthemum passively bloomed,
where roaring waves once scorched the land.
Where this odd daisy ignites into being,
the grand oak tree goes into a chilly slumber.

Poor foolish chrysanthemum of late,
the scourges of death awaits within time.
The wild plum is almost ripe and fair,
while the last odd daisy numbers her days.

With time frozen and the land in reverse,
even the ripe and plump plum is in danger.
Those lazy grasshoppers are paying the price,
while the peony awaits for the right moment.

The graceful peony in the mastery of time,
blooms forth as a fluid snake on the run.
Mastering time comes with a dear price,
beauty skin deep and a week's notice.

The ugly duckling arises from the abyss,
from tainted and fowl murky lakes.
Yet upon closer and further inspection,
she has remained unflowered and virgin.

Is the Lotus the fairest of them all?