View Full Version : Like my sig

June 12th, 2004, 9:47 PM
Its right there like it :P ? took me 6 minutes


June 12th, 2004, 9:49 PM
that's a very nice banner ya have, I like the text :)

June 12th, 2004, 9:50 PM
Mmmm, I like... Great job! :D

June 12th, 2004, 9:52 PM
yeah i like it i can c you did it urself coz it has your user on it and it dont say some1 els did :P

June 12th, 2004, 10:10 PM
Of coarse I did it :P

i started from a paint bucket and google searching on pokemon lol well ive been making siggys for a while this is my first pokemon one in years...

and im very suprised how fast you get replys in this forum

lil' jose
June 12th, 2004, 10:11 PM
I like it, great job! *kills 25 character rule*

June 13th, 2004, 3:46 AM
lil jos, dont do the 25 character thing x_X

Anyway, nice signiture. I lik the text. Awesome fonts! ^_^

June 13th, 2004, 3:49 AM
I like the signiture there you got! Zangoose is so cute! ...did it take long? 9.10
I like the text youve used on it though ^____^ zat rocks!

June 13th, 2004, 3:56 AM
He said it took Six Minutes ^_^

Oh Also, You might want to write in there "Zangoose picture from suta-raito.com" in your sig.

June 13th, 2004, 3:57 AM
i can't see it 4 some reason, i hope im not the only one!

Edit: HUH, know it's there, anyway i like every bit of it!

June 13th, 2004, 7:20 AM
I can't see it either. All I see is an X. Grrrrrr.... *grabs a machine gun and fires at the X* I want to see the banner!

June 13th, 2004, 7:48 AM
It's gone again!, what is happening?

June 13th, 2004, 8:10 AM
I want to see the banner too! All I see is a boring X in the box!!

June 14th, 2004, 7:01 AM
I can see it fine. :/ Anyway, the banner looks like this. http://i.1asphost.com/robyextreme/Logo%20thing.jpg

I like it. :)

June 14th, 2004, 9:08 AM
Now i can see it again this is weird but WOW!!!, its fantastic!, honestly

June 16th, 2004, 2:55 PM
I see It pefectly.
It`s good.