View Full Version : glass art (pokemon)

September 19th, 2007, 2:12 AM
Well i do glass art and i wanted to start doing some pokemon.

I started this last night and it seems to be drying very well

ill do a befor and after pic whens its dry

also here is a sample of what it will turn out like i hope lol

you can put these onto any glass object and they will turn into part of it overtime if you want more pics or better views just ask

And it says i love you because this is a gift for one of my friends

lol so dont mind that..--sry about glare trying to get new pic right now

September 21st, 2007, 7:38 AM
Always liked those things!
Id really love to see more pics thou, and perhaps you should do take one when theyre dry with the sun goin throu em.

September 29th, 2007, 12:53 AM
Sounds cool. Could you possibly take a larger picture of those, because I can't really see them too clearly.

September 29th, 2007, 7:42 AM
OMG they are so amazing! I would love to see a bigger picture as it is hard to see them.
I wish I knew how to do this sort of thing :( I WANT ONE PLEASE :) :) :)