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September 23rd, 2007, 3:20 AM
To be more precise, Please Stop Yelling?

PSY? Is the brain child of myself and my dear friend Lewis Butcher, it is a web comic revolving around Characters based upon myself and Lewis (Though I am far smarter than my comic counterpart hahahaha)

Anyways, it'll be updated atleast once a week (on Thursdays) and will either be drawn by me, lewis or the two of us togehther.

Anyways without further ado, the first issue!!


This one was done entirely by me, which is why the speech bubbles are so tacky hahahaha

Next weeks will be done by Lewis.

And one more thing!!


Our DA :) Which will be more than likely updated before this thread.

Anyway, enjoy!


Apoligies if this is the wrong place to post a web comic.