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September 27th, 2007, 6:27 PM
The Vanishing (PG-13)

After a long time I'm finally going to take a crack at it.

Plot: The Earth has been around for a long time, gradually evolving as were it's inhabitants. Many more races besides human now lived on the Earth. However things are starting to disappear. Large gaping holes have appeared in the middle of deserts and oceans, homes and belongings are gone. Nothing is left but ash and dust left behind by who or what ever is causing this. This has caused a stir between the races who have lived together peacefully for a long time.

Important people as well as parents,grandparents, and children are disappearing. Now races such as Elves and Humans are turning against each other, blaming it on whichever race they see fit. Unknown to them something far beyond the Earth is launching a plan. The inhabitants of the Earth have changed many things and the people who were there before want their land back-whether they be dead or not. Weeks have passed and a lot more things have been disappearing causing an uproar between kingdoms,cities,countries and continents. Everyone is tense about the war going on and at certain times of day it is forbidden to go outside.

Here are the Races:

Humans: Humans have expanded their technology not by much but enough to have much more advanced weapons and methods of transportation. They have been known to be seen everywhere rather than just settling in one place though every place they go does not have a warm welcome. Their way of life has not changed much as they still live in the same kind of houses as beofre just with more technology.

Elves: The Elves claimed their land in the western part of what was Asia. Now it is The Kingdom of Thorn, ruled by their leader who prefers not go outside the castle in fear of being ambushed by opposing forces. The Elves have claimed their territory as their sand don't want that many people crossing the borders into their land unless on special business. The Humans have agreed to leave the land alone and let the Elves do as they pleased with it. They have divided their land into villages and farms being where most of the exotic vegetables and flowers are grown.

Techno-Humans: These are the humans who live underground in a technology filled paradise. They are humans who have infused themselves with technology such as cyborgs and steel wings for those who could not fly. Here is where most of the weapons for use are processed though The Techno-Humans have been on edge with the Humans above ground as well as other nations. Their land consists of giant building thet seem like sky scrapers for living but have plent of space to move around in. They have made their own artificial sun in replacement of the one above the land.

Magicians: The Magicians have been known for their spell-casting and healing. They live in the forests though unlike elves they have raised the trees high enough to make their own towns up in the trees. The Magicians have used their infanite knowledge of spell casting and technology to cure the most terrible of diseases as well as growing herbs for their medicines deep within the forests.

Beast: The Beast are humans with animal-like characteristics and posses great agility. They are known for their great strength and giant walls that surround their land. They have beeen known to be the toughest race of all and no race would dare declare war on them for they have the greatest populations and the best weapon-makers in the world.What they lack in grace and wits they make up for in strength. They have also been known to occupy some deserts along the land of the Elves.

Element: This race has the smallest population of it's kind and only occupies a small area of land near the Atlantic. As the name implies these are the element users of the world controlling things such as ice,water,fire,lightning etc. Though there have not been any of this race to have light or dark powers that are documented,they suspect that those with such powers are hiding within other lands. Their land is composed from observations of the early human times in Europe so that what they constructed it to look like.

Here is where you come in: Find out what has been happening to the Earth and why. You may proceed to stop this ofrce or let others do it for you. May it be because your land sent you or you have been driven out of your home and want to find out why is your choice. You may have multiple characters but at the beginning I'll limit it to 2. You could also be part of the evil that is destroying the Earth however you should not know who your leader is but just know that you are working ofr him. Choose your own reasons and path to see where it leads you.








Occupation: (Such as student,warrior,shop owner etc.)


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