View Full Version : Cursed Bluto's Crazy Life!

October 2nd, 2007, 6:18 PM
Another Mega Man comic? *Audience groans*

Anywho, this is actually a decent comic compared to some of my older comics. Here's our story:

Storyline I(Currently in progress):
Cursed Bluto bores himself into beginning to turn his attention to a long-lost sprite comic idea. Will Mega Man and friends overcome being subject to another sprite comic, or will Cursed Bluto enslave them all?

Here's the link. (\"http://cbcl.smackjeeves.com/\")

Latest comic: "Can't blame me for what I do."

And yes, I know how unoriginal an author character is, so please don't bring that up.

-Spriters Resource for a good chunk of general sprites.
-JoshR_691 for base sprites to be used in future comics.
-Sprites Inc for a large amount of the Mega Man sprites.
-Capcom for the whole concept of Mega Man.