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October 5th, 2007, 12:21 PM
After many weeks (about 1 week) of searching I have finally got a decent deck. Might not be perfect, but hey, i'll take suggestions :)

*= Pokemon Card
%= Trainer Card
$= Energy Card
+= Supporter Card
/= Stadium Card


X1 Empleon LV.X *
X1 Empoleon *
X2 Prinplup *
X4 Piplup *
X1 Floatzel *
X2 Buizel *
X1 Manaphy *
X1 Infernape LV.X *
X1 Infernape *
X2 Monferno *
X4 Chimchar *
X1 Rapidash *
X2 Ponyta *
X1 Rhyperior *
X1 Rhydon *
X1 Rhyhorn *
X8 Fire Energy $
X8 Water Energy $
X7 Fighting Energy $
X2 Energy Restore %
X3 Potion %
X1 Energy Switch %
X1 Energy Search %
X1 Pokedex %
X1 Pokeball %
X1 Rival +
X1 Speed Stadium /

And these are the other cards that I have, but arn't in my deck, tell me if you think I should do any Movements between these and my deck.


X2 Azumarill
X1 Marill
X2 Buizel
X1 Mantyke
X3 Goldeen
X2 Seaking
X1 Blastoise EX
X1 Shellder
X1 Magikarp
X1 Prinplup
X1 Squirtle
X1 Krabby
X1 Golduck
X1 Staryu
X2 Turtwig
X1 Parasect
X1 Cherrim
X2 Cherubi
X1 Grotle
X1 Bellsprout
X1 Paras
X1 Combee
X2 Weedle
X1 Roselia
X2 Seedot
X1 Budew
X1 Carvine
X1 Exeggcute
X1 Zubat
X1 Nidoran (Male)
X1 Gloom
X1 Cascoon
X1 Arbok
X3 Misdreavus
X1 Drifloon
X1 Abra
X2 Slowpoke
X3 Unown
X2 Gastly
X1 Skorupi
X1 Haunter
X1 Hypno
X1 Wynaut
X1 Jynx
X1 Dusknoir
X1 Dusclops
X2 Duskull
X3 Ponyta
X1 Charmander
X1 Charmeleon
X2 Rapidash
X1 Chimchar
X1 Vulpix
X1 Magmar
X3 Starly
X6 Hoothoot
X1 Noctowl
X1 Cleffa
X1 Chatot
X1 Clefairy
X1 Bibarel
X1 Buneary
X1 Glameow
X1 Meowth
X1 Tauros
X1 Lickitung
X1 Eevee
X3 Magneton
X7 Magnemite
X1 Pachirisu
X1 Jolteon
X1 Shinx
X1 Luxio
X1 Stunky
X5 Meditite
X1 Medicham
X4 Hippopotas
X1 Geodude
X1 Riolu
X2 Onix
X1 Kabuto
X1 Diglett
X1 Bonsly
X1 Mankey
X2 Machoke
X2 Machop
X1 Hippowdon
X1 Dark Energy
X10 Fire Energy
X11 Water Energy
X6 Steel Energy
X1 Grass Energy
X3 Fighting Energy
X1 Elecrtic Energy
X2 Psychic Energy
X2 Energy Switch
X2 Double Full Heal
X1 Gambler
X5 Energy Search
X2 Pokedex
X6 PlusPower
X2 Pokeball
X1 Potion
X2 Professor Rowan
X1 Rival
X1 Speed Stadium

Sorry about having so many other cards :)
Please Rate And Review!

Also, if I read a reply with good advice for the team, I will make that change in my deck and on this to. That way other peoples replys can be more up to date :)

Cipher 2008
October 5th, 2007, 1:02 PM
Wrong forum. Just ask a mod (King Shuckle's the most active) to move it. :)


Gokey Shuckle
October 5th, 2007, 4:56 PM
Whee.....Time for a move....

October 31st, 2007, 7:29 PM
That is nice. Ranged between Water, Fire,and ground. That is good cuz when electric comes in, here comes ground. Nice! Uhhh 8/10.

Cipher 2008
November 1st, 2007, 9:16 AM
That is nice. Ranged between Water, Fire,and ground. That is good cuz when electric comes in, here comes ground. Nice! Uhhh 8/10.

I can tell straight away that you don't play competitively because, if you did, you'd know that multi-type decks are bad unless you run purely Special Energy cards like Scramble, Delta Rainbow, Double Rainbow or anything to similar effect.