View Full Version : Shiny Chazard up for trade!!!!

November 3rd, 2007, 9:46 AM
Ive got a shiny chazard up for trade and if u want to offer for it plz drop a reply i will thoughly go over the offer. And if u get a PM out of me you have been chosen for the trade

History of the Chazard
Emerald- Spent 1 week hatching non stop charmanders
Emerald- The 18th egg hatched had a lvl 5 SHINY Charmander
Emerald- Spent 2 hours laughin my head off (in excitement)
Emerald- Transfered to Leafgreen
Leafgreen- Trained til lvl 100
Leafgreen- Traded back to Emerald
Emerald- Tryed usin it in the Battle Frontier
Emerald- Won me 2 Gold Symbols