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November 8th, 2007, 5:13 AM
Please notify me if I'm making any mistakes, although it's proof read, this is my first RP. Criticism is welcome... ok, actually it's encouraged.


Humans: Have the power of technology, weapons, large numbers. No nukes, though, a few decades behind toady.

Frigimans: Have supernatural abilities, can control ice, create ice, have some unusual physical capabilities. However much of their technology is stolen from humans, and they have not mastered it.

They are at war and live near one another, in a wide valley flood plain, surrounded by mountains. Humans fear frigimans and see them as vermin, evil. Frigimans see humans as disrespectful to the land, sea and air and that the Earth would be better off without them. They both do what they can to try and wipe each other out.

Frigimans appear just as humans, but their race was blessed with power many hundreds of years ago. Rare gems, found in only remote regions in the unexplored continent, grant them unusual abilities, such as manipulating and creating ice attacks, cooling the air to create ice fog, anything creative. They do not ave to have these gems on them, but the closer they are to one, the more powerful they become. Many hunt these gems to grant them power, but even rarer are the ones which work on the fiery humans, granting them power of heat and flames...

They also have a transformation ability - a rare power only attainable by the strongest members, or triggered in weaker members by extreme fear or trauma. Each appears different, although built like a mammal, their transformation possesses scales, and often appears lizard like, though the appearance is also determined by the personality of the individual. Male's transformation often have tusks in place of canines, while this is rare on females. There transformations posess unimaginable supernatural power, but their energy supply is limmited, especially in weaker characters who may only be able to transform for less than a minute.

Humans are newcommers, only having been there about a hundred years, and due to the frigimans, have not been able to expland beyond the single city they have built in that small valley on the continent.

The hate between them is so strong, that often intrusion by one race on another's territory results in instant attacks and killings.

However, many humans, and many frigimans alike, are tired of the fighting. Some select groups hope for peace, and end to the fighting, and pray for the two races to live in harmony with one another. These groups, of both races, live in faer and hatred by their own kind, labelled traitors by their leaders.

Will the war end in defeat of one race over another? Or will they eventually be able to set aside their differences and live together as one kind?

As the ones who hope for peace prepare for their own war, the future looks unclear.



1) Abide by the frorum rules, please.
2) Two characters maximum per player, but only 1 leader per player.
3) Be as litterate as you possibly can, chatspeak is forbidden.
4) Please do not join if you feel you may leave halfway through without warning.
5) If you do feel like leaving, please post and say so to notify the rest of the players. A reason would be preferred but if it's a private matter then that's ok.
6) Do not play or act out another player's character without their consent.
7) Do not kill another player's character without their consent. Any posts which do this will be disregarded. If your character was killed and you did not consent to it, post straight away to say so, so other people know to ignore it.
8) If one of your characters are killed and you consented to them being killed, you may create another one to replace them.
9) Be realistic when you post - have faults to balance your strengths, have misfortunes to balance your fortunes, don't be all powerful and godly.
10) The plot revolves around the characters - you can let things flow in your own way. This goes for beyond the valley, where it's unexplored, but still try to be as realistic as your knowledge and intuition will allow.

Sign-up form:-

Name: (your character's name)
Age: (you character's age)
Sex: (whether your character is male, female, or other)
Race: (whether your character is human, frigiman or other)
Role: (I need a leader of each side [you can choose the title - whether its king, president, or even just leader, or something else], first come first serve for those positions. Otherwise, the role your character plays e.g. a member/leader of a group fighting to end the war, a soldier, a civilian - this is optional)
Personality: (how your character acts, responds, what kind of person they are)
History: (some background story on your character)
Appearance: (a description of what your character looks like. A written description is necessary, if you would like to also add an image thats fine)
Other: (any other information you feel you would like to add - this is optional)

The RPG will start when we have 2 leaders for each side and a few other players to get the ball rolling.


My characters:

Name: Aunnie
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Race: Frigiman
Role: Gem hunter.

Personality: Very much an outdoors woman, she is very active and fit, and spends much of her time on the move and on her own. She can hunt and gather her own food straight from the wild, even in harsh conditions. She does not fight, and avoids confrontations whenever possible. The way she speaks is often very calm, but exciteable when it comes to gems. She doesn't mind talking to anyone - even humans. One thing that irritates her though is the fighting which she finds senseless.

The safety of her brother and two sisters back home constantly dwells on her mind, and she is often seen just thinking about it, and praying that her home isn't under attack by the humans.

History: She was trained in survival by her grandfather who has now passed on. Her mother and father are both warriors and she doesn't often get to see them, and sadly has few memories of them. Since she was a teenager she has been out searching for gems - for which she could fetch a high price - so that she can afford to take her family far away from the valley.

Appearance: Her hair is bushy but short, and her face lean. Eyes are sharp but full of life, and a smirk can often be seen curling her lips. She wears a cape of fur of a native big cat, and a pinifer that's thick but flexible. Lightweight gloves seal her sleeves shut to keep out the cold, as do her tough boots seal her trouser coverings. Underneath her trouser coverings is a layer of insulating cat fur which pokes out where the coverings button up at the sides, which often hides her figure.

Other: She carries around a long wooden varnished stick which she uses for prodding the snow. In the snowy glaciated montains where she often roams there are pitfalls and crevasses hidden by snow, and a fall down one could be fatal, so she likes to test the snow before she steps on it.