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November 18th, 2007, 4:44 PM

lightning energys 22

3 electrike (secret wonders)
2 manectric (secret wonders)
3 mareep (secret wonders)
2 flaaffy (secret wonders)
1 ampharos (secret wonders)
3 electabuzz (all from secret wonders)
2 electivire (secret wonders)
1 electivire LV. X (secret wonders)
2 Raikou (secret wonders)

scott (EX Power Keepers)
steven's advice (EX Power Keepers)
energy switch
pokemon fan club
roseanne's research (secret wonders)
2 team galactic's mars (secret wonders)
2 dusk ball (Mysterious Treasures)
2 plus power (secret wonders)
2 celio's network
2 energy search
4 potion

i fixed it a bit... its a little better. i didnt know some cards were banned >.> but i havent played in a bit also...
my lightning deck is based on power hits and wise energy useage, or at least i tried to make it that way. this deck is great so far as many times i tested it against my local players. it has some bench hitters for those who use retreating alot with a couple of damaging poke powers and poke powers. plz rate and comment. thank you in advance!

December 2nd, 2007, 11:03 AM
Seems pretty decent
it's more sturdy than most of mine
But anyways, it's a good one
Keep up the good work

December 11th, 2007, 4:40 PM
Nice deck. I wish I can battle/duel you. It would be fun!

December 11th, 2007, 10:09 PM
-14 Lightning Energy
+4 DRE
+4 other Basic energy
+2 Ampharos
+1 Electivire Lv. X
-1 Electrike
+2 Celio's Network
+2 Rare Candy
-4 Potion
-4 Potion
+2 Celio's
+2 Candy
-1 Scott
-1 Energy Switch
+2 Castaway
-2 Pluspower
+2 Strength Charm
-1 Fan Club
+1 Roseanne's Research
-2 Team Galactic's Mars
+4 TV Reporter
+2 Warp Point

Energy: 16
8 Lightning Energy
4 [non-Lightning basic] Energy
4 Double Rainbow Energy

Pokémon: 21
2 Electrike (MT - there is no SW Electrike)
2 Manectric (MT - there is no SW Manectric)
3 Mareep (SW)
2 Flaaffy (SW)
3 Ampharos (SW)
3 Electabuzz (SW)
2 Electivire (SW)
2 Electivire LV. X (MT - not SW)
2 Raikou (SW)

Trainers: 23
1 Steven's Advice
2 Roseanne's Research
4 TV Reporter
2 Dusk Ball
2 Strength Charm
2 Castaway
4 Celio's Network
2 Rare Candy
2 Energy Search
2 Warp Point

The non-Lightning basic energy is searchable but does not need to be discarded when you discard all [L], so you don't have to completely set up again.