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November 20th, 2007, 7:36 PM
The balance of the world is held together by 6 gemstones. The gemstones are scattered around the world, and each gemstone has it's own guardian. If the guardian is defeated, and the gemstone is removed from it's holding spot, the world's balance will be thrown off, causing hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters, and in the case of more than 3 being removed, monsters will materialize around the world.

One final precaution was taken to protect the gems as well. Darkness and light are the two main keys of holding the balance of the earth. These powers can't be harvested by any mere mortal, so both of these powers were sent into two unborn babies. One baby becoming the physical embodiment of light, while the other becomes the physical embodiment of darkness. The embodiments of light and darkness were entrusted with incredible powers, one unique to each. ESP and flight were given to both babies, while the baby with the power of light was given the ability of rejuvenation, while the baby with the powers of darkness was given the strength to summon a darkened fire to control by his will.

These babies were born 18 years ago, and as such they were taken away from their mothers at birth, by messengers of the spirits who help hold the earths balance. They were both raised to understand their powers, and use them to protect others. Aiyana was a great student, using her powers to their full potential at an early age, and becoming a skilled warrior. Ryusuke on the other hand was a rebel. He didn't know why he was made, and felt that his life was made to follow others ideas. He eventually left, and it was up to Aiyana to follow her destined path.

3 months ago, a vision was scene by the wisest of the Prophets who help balance the world, he saw the earth crumbling in ruin. Everybody knew it was time to protect the gems. The Prophets summoned Aiyana to see them. They entrusted her to gather a group of Warriors to help protect the gem. Once she gathered the group together, she would be told where to go towards the first gem.

Where you come in:

You are to be recruited by Aiyana and protect the gems and keep the earth in balance. You must find your own way to meeting her.

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