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November 21st, 2007, 1:19 PM
The balance of the world is held together by 6 gemstones. The gemstones are scattered around the world, and each gemstone has it's own guardian. If the guardian is defeated, and the gemstone is removed from it's holding spot, the world's balance will be thrown off, causing hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters, and in the case of more than 3 being removed, monsters will materialize around the world.

One final precaution was taken to protect the gems as well. Darkness and light are the two main keys of holding the balance of the earth. These powers can't be harvested by any mere mortal, so both of these powers were sent into two unborn babies. One baby becoming the physical embodiment of light, while the other becomes the physical embodiment of darkness. The embodiments of light and darkness were entrusted with incredible powers, one unique to each. ESP and flight were given to both babies, while the baby with the power of light was given the ability of rejuvenation, while the baby with the powers of darkness was given the strength to summon a darkened fire to control by his will.

These babies were born 18 years ago, and as such they were taken away from their mothers at birth, by messengers of the spirits who help hold the earths balance. They were both raised to understand their powers, and use them to protect others. Aiyana was a great student, using her powers to their full potential at an early age, and becoming a skilled warrior. Ryusuke on the other hand was a rebel. He didn't know why he was made, and felt that his life was made to follow others ideas. He eventually left, and it was up to Aiyana to follow her destined path.

3 months ago, a vision was scene by the wisest of the Prophets who help balance the world, he saw the earth crumbling in ruin. Everybody knew it was time to protect the gems. The Prophets summoned Aiyana to see them. They entrusted her to gather a group of Warriors to help protect the gem. Once she gathered the group together, she would be told where to go towards the first gem.

Where you come in:

You are to be recruited by Aiyana and protect the gems and keep the earth in balance. You must find your own way to meeting her.

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November 26th, 2007, 5:44 PM
Name: Ryusuke.

Age: 18.

Appearance: Ryusuke stands at 6'1, has black shoulder length hair that he keeps down, brown eyes, and a light tan skin tone. He weighs 157 pounds, and has a tall and fit figure, appearing a bit slim. Outfit wise, Ryusuke wears a black sleeveless shirt, with a thin dark grey coat over it, and a pair of snug fitting black pants, and black loafers. He also wears a thin silver chain around his neck.

Weapon: Ryusuke fights with a katana. He is very fast, and powerful. Like Aiyana, he has special skills as the embodiment of darkness. His most used skill, is a dark energy that he can lunge at enemies as shadow fire, or he can channel it through his katana. He also has esp, and flight.

Personality: He is quiet and aloof. He usually keeps to himself, but deep down he is just afraid of becoming attached to people, so he generally gives off a cold appearance. He has another side though, a nicer side, and if you get to know him, he'll open up to you....but few people have seen this side. In battle, Ryusuke is serious and determined, usually not talking, unless he is enraged.

History: Born as the embodiment of darkness, Ryusuke didn't know why he was born. He was raised and trained alongside Aiyana, the embodiment of light. She was the only person he ever grew close to, but eventually his inner conflicts made him leave everything behind. He eventually escaped from the elderly sages who raised them, and started his new life. He felt as if he was made for unknown reasons, and wants to live his life on his own. Since then, he has traveled the world, honing his skills, and trying to figure out why he was made.

RP Sample: The sages were all talking amongst. How the young Ryusuke was becoming arrogant and self dependent. Ryusuke was hiding behind the wall listening to them.

"We need the boy to listen to us." Said one of the sages. "Aye." Agreed another. "Silence." One began. "We need the boy to hone his strength.....so he can be used for what he was made for." He finished.

Ryusuke's eye's widened and he ran off towards the gate. "What I was....made for....I know I'm darkness...but....it's still my life...they just..." He stopped and leaned against a wall. He was getting dizzy. He started breathing heavy.

"..I..I have to leave this place...this is my life and I'm gonna live it!" Ryusuke ran near the hut he and Aiyana stayed in and ran inside. It was empty. He grabbed a pieace of paper and wrote a letter that read, Sorry. He set in upon Aiyana's bed and then walked outside, concentrating and flying over the gate, and then he-

Ryusuke woke up. He was in the woods lying down next to a fire. "That dream again..." He said as he rubbed his forehead. "That was 4 years ago....why am I having this dream now....why....?" He rubbed his eyes and looked around. It was still dark. "Perfect." He said silently, and began moving effortlessly through the woods.

November 26th, 2007, 6:12 PM
Name: Aiyana

Age: 18

Appearance: Clicky please (http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb50/cpack1/Roleplay/Kimberly.jpg).

Weapon: Two double-sided swords are used by Aiyana. She was given the powers of ESP and flight as the embodiment of light. She was also given her own ability to heal herself and others in near an instant.

Personality: Aiyana is somewhat shy and prefers not to meet many people. For the people she does know, she is still shy, but to less of an extent. She does not like to talk around other humans unless she is willing to open up to someone.

History: Aiyana was born the embodiment of light and was given abilities beyond most comprehension. Priests and priestesses trained her seperately from Ryusuke every now and then to use her unique powers to their full potential. She was a bright student and kept up with most work until she'd noticed something with Ryusuke. She became somewhat depressed but continued training until Ryusuke ran away. She left as well to search for her partner.

RP Sample: "Ryusuke!" Aiyana called out to her friend, thinking he was in the hut. She'd seen nothing but a small note on her bed. She picked it up and started reading.

Sorry. I can't take it anymore. I won't see you for a while, but we'll be connected in some way. If we meet again, please don't try to bring me back. I will never return. I will live my life the way I want and no one will stop me.


Aiyana became startled and tied the note to one of her swords. She left the hut and headed to meet with the priests that trained her.

I won't stop until I find you Ryusuke. I will follow you where you go and meet with you again someday. I just hope it'll be soon, she thought to herself. She left a note of her own on a wall near the training grounds and left to find Ryu--

It was a dream. "All of it was a dream?" Aiyana asked herself as she woke up in a cottage near the forest. She picked up her swords and looked at one of the handles. She'd seen the note and read it again. She stood up and thanked the family who owned the cottage for their hospitality and left. "I still need to recruit some warriors for the fight with the darkness soon too, so I can't waste any time in trying to help Ryusuke.