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December 5th, 2007, 5:48 PM
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Back Story

Back when the digital world was new, there was nothing but chaos. The first digimon were unstable and animal like. They destroyed each other for data cores in order to survive and digivolve. Digivolution was different back then. Each data core absorbed would increase the digimon's power and change its physical appearance. There was no limit on how many times one digimon could do this.

This continued until there was only around a thousand digimon left. Around this time three digimon appeared that where different then the other digimon. These three digimon had human like intelligence. They realized that if things didn't change that the digimon would keep destroying each other till only one remained.

The three came up with a plan to save the remaining digimon. It took them a long time but they managed to get the remaining digimon in a valley. Once they where all there the three turned there self's into data which fill the entire valley. The digimon stopped fighting with each other and started absorbing the data. One by one the digimon started turning into digieggs, until all the digimon in the valley turned into digieggs. The remaining data spread out and became part of the digital world.

While in the digieggs the data they absorbed changed each digimon. It made there data stable and increased there intelligence. It also change how digimon digivolve. When the digieggs hatched they where in the lowest digivolution form. As time went by they found that they could increase there own data by having friendly battles or by training, and once they built it up they could digivolve. They also learned that two digimon could combine there data to create a new digiegg. Soon there were to many digimon in the valley, so they started leaving in small groups to explore. They traveled all over the digital world and many stayed to live in places that suited them.

Now and then fights broke out between the different kids of digimon. Some of the worst where between the Holy and Dark digimon, but these fights never got bad enough that the digimon couldn't handle it. So for the most part the digital world was at peace.

That is until around 400 digiyears ago. A Darkdramon was trying to find away around the Digivolution cap the the Ancient 3 had added to original surviving digimon's data. It's unknown why he wanted to do this, but after many digiyears of experimenting he created a virus that would allow him to digivolve. He used the virus to digivolve in to Virus Darkdramon, but something went wrong and he went mad. He started infecting other digimon with the virus and randomly destroyed parts of the digital world. Putting aside there differences the other digimon came togther to stop Virus Darkdramon, but it wasn't enough.

The most powerful digimon from each type meet in the valley to come up with a way to stop Virus Darkdramon. While arguing over the best way to stop him, they heard a soft voice in the heads. It told them that if they worked together they could get help to defeat Virus Darkdramon. Since they couldn't think of any thing else to do, they did as the voice told them and created a portal to the human world.

The portal brought over 9 kids (3 girls and 6 boys between 13-17) to help save the digital world. They were freaked out at first, but they agreed to help. They became partners with the digimon that created the portal, and received a watch like digivice. After defeating infected digimon they found that the digivice could absorb the virus and purify it, and once they had enough of the virus they learned that human and digimon could digivolve together creating a new more powerful digimon.

Even though only 4 of the kids could digivolve this way, they managed to defeat Virus Darkdramon, and everyone absorbed some of the virus into there digivice. As he turned into an digiegg the kids heard him say "I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt any one. I was just trying to find away to stop.....". As they're wondering what he meant there digivice's starts flashing and the virus brakes free damaging the digivices. The virus took on a digimon like form and attacked the kids. Unable to digivolve they fight a long and tiring battle. They manage to damage the virus enough causing it to turn into a sphere.

After doing nothing while the kids talk for around a hour the sphere starts shooting energy blast in all directions. One of the blasts hit the ledge above the sphere where the kids are standing with there digimon. Most of the kids jump out of the way to safety, but Leia, one of the girls fell onto the sphere and got absorbed into the sphere before her partner can save her. The sphere starts flashing wildly and the others barley get out of the castle before the sphere exploded scattering a purified form of the virus every where, and was absorbed by most digimon. As they were fleeing Leia's partner Lilithmon turned into a digiegg.

When it was safe the kids and there partners returned to find the castle in ruins. While looking for Leia they found a few digieggs in the ruins from digimon that didn't get out in time. Deep inside where the sphere was they found 5 odd chips, but they couldn't find any trace of Leia. Before they left they gathered up the chips, and digieggs. On they way to the valley they let everyone know that it was over. A few days later the kid returned home.
Over the next 15 digiyears the digimon learned that the purified virus had an unexpected side effects. They found that two digimon could digivolve together and create a new stronger digimon. The other was that digimon gain live spans. After so many digiyears digimon would become digieggs again.

After the kids returned home they learned as much about computers as they could. It took them a few year but they managed to create a permanent portal between the Digital world and Earth. It's been 5 years since the portal reopened and City is being built in the valley around the portal. On earth the portal is located in the basement of a small privet high school/academy. A hand full of students are told about the digital world and given the chance to become a tamer, the guardians of the digital world. The first 8 kids started the tamers soon after reopening the portal, because of reports of digimon acting oddly. When a new tamer first comes to the digital world they're brought to the garden to find there digimon partner. The garden is were digieggs are taken care of till they hatch. The new tamers walk around the garden till a digivice appears on one of the digieggs. The digivice will glow in the hands of the tamer it's meant for, and the digiegg will hatch.

The new tamers and there digimon are taken to one of the dorms depending on what type of digimon they got. There taught how to take care of there new digimon and once there digimon digivolves to rookie there allowed to do missions. Missions are normally done in groups of two or three. What missions tamers can do depends on there rank. There are 5 tamer ranks, Brass, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. New tamers start out as Brass tamers and are given shoulder pins for there uniforms as they go up in ranks.


Tonight there is going to be a festival celebrating the completion of City. Many of the top tamers are going to compete in a tournament taking place in the grass training field. It's even rumored that some of the Master Tamers are planing on joining in. There's also going to many game and changes to compete in, like races, and pie eating contests. Digimon are coming for all over, and most tamers have been called back for the festival.

Even though there's a festival today alot of the tamers have been asked stand watch along the walls and partol City for a few hours. They've been asked to watch for anyone acting odd or snopping around in places they shouldn't be. All the security has made people wonder if HQ fears an attack.

Your one of the tamers or digimon that's come to City for the festival.